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    Me and my boyfriend just broke up. We ended cause he stood me up and was acting off all week, ignoring me etc, i told him to **** off and its over. I didnt want to be treated like that, our relationship for the past few months has all been my work. I would visit him always, cook, clean, wash, pay for everything. I love him so so much. He wanted me so badly and wanted to marry me, would do anything for me.

    since ending, he doesnt want to get back together cause hes going to asia in the summer and thinks the time apart is too much, and in the meantime hes found all this new motivation and it makes me feel so ****. we talk all day over text, and have agreed to be bestfriends. I want him to miss me and see we can work, to see what hes lost. He said he still has feelings for me, is attracted to me and isnt interested in anyone else- wants to be on his own sort of thing.

    I love him so much and would do anything for him to consider us. I cant stop thinking about him, i cry everyday and have done for a month. I want him, to see him, to have fun again. we didnt even need to end. we are so good together, he said hes too hurt by what i said - so how can he be my bestfriend? something doesnt add up,

    i tell him i miss him and he sometimes says it back but then doesnt. when we text i feel like i always make the effort, i check his whatsapp etc to see if hes ignoring me. If we dont talk i feel rejected. Im not going to delete him off social media cause were still best mates and im not that shallow.

    but can someone comfort me in explaining if theyve ever been through this? the pain in my heart - how he did everything to be with me and now doesnt want me. it hurts so so much. he said we can go on a date when hes finished in asia - but me to not get my hopes up cause we dont know how we'll feel

    i dont want to get over him but know i have to. if i see him with another girl ill be destroyed inside. someone please help how i get over him. do i start acting not like myself to make me more mysterious - not texting him as much, photos on social media of me on nights out, when i am out not texting him? I know he cares about me and hes told me this and i can see, but im so heartbroken as to how he can not want me anymore when he did everything to be with me.

    Any advice to not think of him? i dont want to cut him out of my life as were best friends, so how can i make daily life easier. do i go out lots? get more of a social life? please someone i cant face this heartbreak anymore

    thank you x
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    (Original post by Inspired100)
    Break ups suck. it does hurt.

    Agreeing to be 'best friends' is understandable, but really you should be cutting him out of your life. You said that you don't want to get over him but you know that you have to. This is true. Remind yourself of how he was during the last few months - do you really want to be with someone like that again?

    You'll never truly get over him unless you take a break from the 'friendship' - permanent or otherwise -. Right now you're hurting and blinded by how you feel, and you want to get back with him - it's natural to feel like that. But what if the same thing just happens again, or you both struggle while he goes off travelling?

    By the sounds of it, getting over him would be quite a long process for you. But maybe it's what has to be done. What you're doing now isn't healthy, and if you do see him with someone else it might break you. Best to cut off contact and just forget about him. That isn't easy, but it requires time, and most importantly having no reminders of him. Block his number, delete any messages, bin any gifts etc.
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