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People just bought Jeremy Corbyn a £475 bike watch

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    Political Ambassador
    (Original post by anitax)

    Isn't Islington (his house) expensive? Im sure he went to private school too
    He messed up his a-levels anyway, two Es I think?

    (Original post by jamestg)
    When did I say/implicate that it was his fault in that message?

    Of course he's not going to request it, but he shouldn't have accepted it. It should've gone to someone who actually needs it and/or cannot afford a bike. It is ridiculous for a well-paid politician, who claims they want to help the needy, to accept something off the back of others when there are others in need.
    He hasn't accepted it. His party haven't accepted it. They haven't even acknowledged that the fundraiser exists.

    If you disagree then I welcome you providing proof to show that the money has been accepted by the party, and if it has been then show me proof that the money has been used to purchase the aforementioned bicycle.

    Right now you're saying that he's done something wrong when he didn't start the fundraiser, had no involvement in the fundraiser, hasn't spoken about the fundraiser and hasn't accepted money from the fundraiser. Doesn't exactly seem fair to me.

    On a different note, I just put £10 in a pot on my desk labelled the "jamestg Fund". How dare you not stop me from doing that, you never should have accepted that donation from me you utterly despicable man.
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    (Original post by abruiseonthesky)
    Because your parents' decision on where to send you to school means you can't be a socialist :rolleyes:
    Usually people who went to private school are not poor later in life. Read things in context, I mentioned his house first :rolleyes: :facepalm:
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    (Original post by KimKallstrom)
    Strangely I agree with you. Who the hell whines about what or who people spend their own money on? What's it to us if these people want to spend their own money on a gift for somebody? This isn't tax. I thought we were a society that valued people's liberty.

    Besides, reading the sensationalist title I thought he got it off public money....and even then I didn't care. I bet there are MPs who get petrol paid for them all the time. I'd happily see him claim for a good bike to get around.

    But alas it's private money from people who felt like giving their own money. I don't get what the big deal is and I'm normally the first to **** off Corbyn
    Nothing wrong with a "gift," but it seems odd to me that people who claim to support the poor would be fundraising for a well off politician who already has something similar to what theyre buying (read the Telegraph article)
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