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    (Original post by lotsofq)
    Is it true the number of offers is twice the number of places? What happens if, for argument sake, this year's students turn out to b super bright and all meet the offer, or is that not possible because Cambridge mark the papers and can fiddle the grade boundaries?

    It's not true only the best can come out with a degree because part 3 is even more demanding, yet there are students whose 1st was not from Cambridge, passing.
    Probably more than half of students fail their offer but a reasonable proportion of these still get accepted through the summer pool. A 1,1 (failed S,1) will get accepted over somebody who missed a 1,1 offer. However if you look here:
    you can see that of about 500 offers about 250 get accepted. Some of the difference will be people who go to universities abroad or Imperial or even Bath.

    It is true that if you get S,1 you probably have it in you to do well but if you feel ambivalent it may be hard to put the work in. I think STEP distinguishes those who are both clever and the committed.
    A 1st from Bath will open as many doors as a 2:2 from Cambridge a 2:1 may not.
    Having said that Maths degrees are incredibly marketable and you are unlikely to struggle to get a good job if you are Cambridge offer standard.

    I get the impression that a true Cambridge mathematician loves maths and enjoys engaging with STEP but perhaps others will tell me that's wrong.

    (Original post by Simonium1010)
    I understand this has been asked before but I need some more advice...

    I've got an offer for Maths, with A*s in Further and Physics/Chemistry, and an A in maths, as well as 1 and S in STEP II and III. I've got no idea what to do because I have the offer I wanted from Bath which is of course much easier, and I'm not sure if I would even prefer going to Cambridge or not. It's been my dream for years but in some aspects Bath just wins it for me. Then again I would be crazy to reject this offer because the class of Cambridge is just so incomparable with any other (especially Oxford)...

    No idea what to do - I have all 5 offers but can't make a decision. I was going for Bath up until yesterday and people keep telling me it's silly to reject Cambridge and part of me agrees. It'll be an achievement that would serve me well for my whole career, but it's not like Bath is that much behind - it's 7th and 5th respectively for Maths and physics, and the graduate prospects aren't much different.

    Another worry is that the STEP papers can be very challenging... I have always done very well in papers of these styles like the BMOs, except in the most reccent BMO1 I came out of it feeling quite positive that I'd got 20-30 marks based on the answers online, but I only scored 6, suggesting my technique isn't very good.

    I've already got an A* for Maths ( which is why they only asked for an A in it I guess) and the Further maths A* should be straightforward, but I only got 88% in Physics and Chemistry at AS so 90% this year will be a challenge.

    Anyone care to share any pearls of wisdom???

    At this point anything is appreciated.
    At the end of the day you are the one that is going to be studying maths for at least 3 years. It's got to be somewhere you feel comfortable and in your gut know that it's the right place for you. Congratulations on achieving an offer from Cambridge! It's a hell of a lot of hard work, one of best friends found out she'd also received an offer on Tuesday ironically also for maths I visited Bath on their open day last June and loved it (very biased as Bath is one of my favourite places) but having changed courses etc.. for what I was applying to study, Bath don't offer my course so I haven't unfortunately applied.

    People say because Cambridge is world renowned that obviously it should be easy to put them as your first choice but Cambridge isn't the only uni in the world and plenty of employers do actually look beyond Oxbridge (I don't think some people seem to realise that - not in a harsh way and. I 'me not pointing a finger at anyone!!). Bath has an excellent reputation worldwide particularly in physics, maths and business so it's not as if you were rejecting Cambridge for a university ranked in 78th position. At the end of the day it's your life! Do what makes you happy - Oxbridge isn't everything for everyone Good luck xx

    (Original post by Simonium1010)
    It's reassuring that you've suggested the same thing that I'm starting to consider myself and that lot's of student roomers seem to suggest for people in my situation - Firm Cam and Insurance Bath. This is a very sensible decision but I see 3 problems with it that are holding me back.

    1) This is quite shallow/pathetic of me, but there's a high chance I won't get into Cambridge and I would feel gutted if I put in all the hard work for the next 5 months to have it come to nothing. Also, the sense of failure is something I'd rather do without. I'd rather reject me than vice versa.

    2) Secondly there's the chance that I don't make the A*AA. This shouldn't happen, but if it does, and my insurance is that offer, then I'll have to wade through a swamp of clearing, where as I could put Bath as the firm and Southampton (AAA) as my insurance - a safer choice.

    3) Finally, even if I do make the offer for Cambridge, by August it may be that I'd prefer to go to Bath even with the complete success of my Cam application, and I think it's the case that if I meet my firm's offer, I don't have the choice to go to my insurance.
    No, you can get bath with A*AB since you will probably get a Grade 2 in any step pper.

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    I think you should firm Cambridge and insure Bath.

    You say it's your dream Uni so you probably will enjoy it and it's excellent for Mathematics. Also, if you are working rather hard to meet your Cambridge offer the odds are you'll make it into Bath if you miss things so there's not much risk there.
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