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    It seems many of us are struggling to grasp the significance of the recent Europe wide mass rapes and sex crimes carried out by recent migrants from third world countries and the lessons which should now be obvious to all.

    In this thread about a girl being raped by 3 recent migrants in Germany and the subsequent decision to ban recent migrants from public leisure centres in Germany, a sizeable number of posters are expressing shock at the ban.

    "Values are universal!" they cry to people suggesting their culture and society from which they came played a role in their propensity to commit such crimes, before giving support to the proposal of giving recent migrants special lessons in human rights and sexuality around women...(lol)

    Many choose to purposefully conflate skin colour as the reason behind the ban in order to try to de legitamise dissenting voices and murky the waters of the discussion.

    I will break it down for you below, provide you some reading material and then ask you some questions.

    1) Not all cultures are the same - Some cultures do not respect peoples love for alcohol. Some cultures do not respect or tolerate womens rights to be autonomous. Some cultures do not respect the condemnation of arranged forced marriages.
    It is not the case in the UK or first world European countries. The UK and first world countries are great societies because of their superior culture and human rights.
    The culture one is nurtured and raised in goes a long way to defining a persons attitudes and behaviours

    Reading material, Egypt harass map:


    Here we can see that Egypt is a very dangerous place for women with a very real rape culture. (Many countries similar culturally to Egypt have the same problems)

    Is this because Egyptians have brown skin Betelgeuse? - No
    Is this because Egypt is very hot Betelgeuse? - No
    Is it because Egyptians are not real human beings Betelgeuse? - No

    1) A female walks 1 mile in Egypt and 1 mile in the UK. Our sample size is 100,000 - In Egypt, does she experience the same rate of sexual assault as in UK, higher sexual assault in Egypt or lower Sexual assault in Egypt?

    2) We take 1 million Egyptians and place them into Europe. Do their attitudes and values change once they move from the invisible border confines of one country and enter another? - No of course not, do you go to America and suddenly believe everybody should be allowed to open carry? No

    "But Betelgeuse White European men rape too!" - Why yes they do, but at nowhere near the levels and severity in other cultures and with nowhere near the levels of tolerance than other inferior countries.

    "But Betelgeuse if the UK is so great why is the rape level not zero?" Because wherever humans go, there will always be some level of crime regardless of external factors.

    And now hopefully you can see why many people predicted this wave of sexual crime against European women and why saying "white European men rape too"! Blame the individual! before posting something like "Does lad culture encourage rape" is utter folly.

    Moral of the story: Some cultures suck, bringing people from third world countries and cultures over here does not make them magically abandon all they have been taught to believe - If you think rape is abhorrent, dont bring lots and lots of people to your country who do not share that view

    Agree, shame the left wing are blind to this.

    This is one of the best posts on this topic so far.

    I agree its can be valid to be anti-immigrant on "culturalist" grounds, but the problem is a lot of the people who are anti-immigrant (even here on TSR) are also trying to push through racist agendas as well, which is one reason why they're meeting staunch opposition from the left

    The issue is Germany let in too many refugees at once, when you do that there's more likely to be criminals coming through too.

    Even if someone's culture is seen to disrespect women, the individual can adapt if made to integrate, or the individual may already respect women anyway.

    But what's done has been done. It'd be hard to deport them all (unfair on those who did nothing wrong). Be strict on any crimes and immediately deport those who are guilty, hopefully this would at least send a message that we won't stand for criminal behaviour. However calling migrants "rapists", "animals" and calling for all to be deported will only make it difficult for the good ones to integrate, if we marginalise all of them.

    I can't believe that you've just said that rape is "tolerable".

    It's disgraceful that you are using the horrendous experiences of rape victims to further your xenophobic views.
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