Does he like me or am I misreading signals? Watch

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I've known this guy for since September, and for the last few months I've had a crush on him (he's so adorable, I can't even ;D). I think he likes me too, but I'm pretty terrible at this sort of thing, so he might just like me as a friend...I can't tell.

He's in most of my classes, and he always comes over to sit next to/chat with me about random stuff, and seems kind of shy as he does so.
He recently got his licence, and keeps asking if he can drive me home (he blushes a bit when he asks this. That's a good sign, right?) - but when he does give me a lift, that's all that happens. He drops me off and goes.
He added me on facebook and snapchat, and always starts conversations, but takes ages to reply. It can be anything from an hour to a day.
He once asked me if I was free to meet up after college, because it was a half day (sadly I wasn't). But he didn't say it was a date or anything, so it could have just been a casual hang out session...
He gives me loads of random compliments - but that's something a nice person would do, it doesn't necessarily mean he likes me, does it?

Aargh I don't know. I like him, but does he like me?! Any help/advice would be great!!
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ask him if he wants to go out, if there is a house party going on ask if he's going etc. If you like him don't let this oppertunity pass, grow some balls and ask him out

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