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period pains Watch


    Paracetamol, chocolate, sleep.

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    All the period threads are being bumped - is TSR on its period? X'D
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    If you haven't tried them already, ask your doctor for naproxen. They are a NSAID like ibuprofen but they work a treat for pain. They helped me with migraines, fractured ribs and period pain when even co codamol didn't help.

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    (Original post by amylouisehollis)
    what helps period pains to go away. x
    Painkillers (there are some designed specially for period pain even!), heat pads/ hot water bottles, curling up/ laying on tummy (try to find whatever position is best for you), warm bath, sometimes light exercise, sometimes different foods help, distractions like a good engrosing game or tv show, i've heard yoga and various types of meditation can help pain too.

    If the pains are really bad and stopping you doing basic stuff or doesnt really repond to pain killers see a doc for advice. There are some conditions that can make period pain worse than usual.

    I used to get periods so painful i could hardly function (had to miss school and stay in bed moaning in pain). I mostly tried to sleep it off as much as i could as it was the only time i was 100% pain free. Ended up going on the pill to stop my periods and it turns out I had endometriosis that was causing the extra pain. Now i know what it is im getting treatment.
    Heat used to help me a lot along with curling up and watching tv to distract myself. Wish i'd seen a dr sooner though. Could have saved me a lot of agony.

    Not saying you need to go to a dr, just don't rule it out if your pain is really bad.


    This is amazing, it really works.
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Updated: January 22, 2016
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