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    I lived with a girl who would lock her bedroom door when she went to the toilet or to the kitchen because she "didn't trust us" but left her bedroom window open when she went home for a week.
    She would bin anything of hers that got touched or moved by anyone.
    When she moved in on the first day she asked why I had classical music on "if it had no words?" and decided to play atomic kitten very loudly from her room.

    It wasn't drama as such because it was like living with a ghost. You never saw her, just heard things moving around the house.

    I hated flat sharing :sad:

    Mine dropped out two weeks into the start of term after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. How's that one for drama?
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    Very Important Poster
    I lived with one guy who just annoyed everyone else to no end by being himself. He locked one of the very few people in the house that kind of liked him outside for 'banter' (he had forgotten his library card to get in) and stood on the stairway so that no one could come down the stairs to let him in. He had lacrosse practice later on and he climbed out the kitchen window just to not open the door and give the other guy a chance of getting in. So the poor guy may have been out there for almost an hour until the person had cleared off and I let them in.

    I also caught him naked in the kitchen one night, at around 9pm. Thankfully I didn't get a good glimpse and I have been able to unsee it.

    Loads of other smaller things happened (including him borrowing a lot of textbooks that he didn't need from the library to monopolise them and make sure that no one else could use them), and I gave him the silent treatment from about February until June and removed him from Facebook the day he left.
Have you ever experienced racism/sexism at uni?
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