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    (Original post by DeusVult)
    1 - Not the only example of paedophilia obviously. Per capita actually quite low as far as I understand.

    2 - This happened after Vatican II when the Church was corrupted to fit the NWO agenda and forced to adopt liberalism and drop anything that mind offend the Jews even if truthful/biblical.
    1: says my point further, just because someone has some morals and beliefs doesn't mean they will keep to them. Also your other point of just caring for yourself is not limited to atheism, really think that following a religion stops that? It doesn't.

    2: so what? They weren't atheists, they believed in a religion and committed those crimes.

    Yes. Even more potent, but thought-provoking, was a tweet in 2013:

    (Original post by Richard Dawkins)
    All the world's Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge. They did great things in the Middle Ages, though.

    (Original post by DarkIceCream)

    Not much to add. The question is essentially this:

    Do you think there's a sense in which the death of British Christianity is lamentable? or is the UK clearly better off without?
    Where I live Christianity has luckily more and more being replaced by non-religiousness and atheism, even, so I'm extremely happy that its dying off. However moderate Christianity > serious <insert any religion here>

    Let's assume for sake of argument that Deus isn't a troll, he'd probably be a deluded religious nutjob. It's easy to deliberately misattribute qualities and traits to "undesirables" and "others" when groupthink is involved, and since their dogma teaches them that the unbeliever is literally a devil-worshipper, of course you'd be naive enough to actually believe atheism or secularism has any bearing to nihilism. They're not exactly good beliefs to have, even if there is a human right to have them.

    The scriptures of a theist is prescriptive - you're meant to bow down to God because society's his *****, basically. It doesn't matter if he's the most evil, sadistic, worst character in fiction - by definition he must be good and you must bend over for him and give most of your disposable income and earnings to His corrupt leaders to misappropriate and abuse. The lack of scriptures of an atheist means they get to form their own values - some good and bad, but in general can be reasoned and refined and improved over time.

    (Original post by DarkIceCream)
    Conservative evangelical Christian churches do not condone violence. They do not offer a "watered down" Christianity either.
    Compared with Orthodox Christians - the original church - they bloody well do.
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