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Swedish police banned from describing criminals anymore in case they sound racist watch


    (Original post by The Reality)
    I am no advocate of religion, in fact I am against it, but I find Islamic migrants to be more tolerant than the European Christians.
    Which Islamic migrants? Russian Federation?, Syrian? Somalian? And more tolerant of what?
    And what is a "European Christian"? Scottish Presbyterian? Greek Orthodox? Portuguese Catholic?

    Jeez, talk about generalising!

    Plus, they have a better historical record too.
    Again, who do? And in what historical context?

    If we had to have a religion in society, I know which one I would prefer. Before you associate me with a conspiracy all the left love Islam, I am just speaking from experience and the evidence on these forums.
    There is only one religion whose members on here attempt to defend slavery, child abuse, rape, execution for homosexuals and apostates, for example.

    You say that you are no advocate of religion, yet you seem very keen to big up the most divisive, repressive and violent of them all. Perhaps you know little about Islamic ideology and are more concerned, like the Swedes, with not being labelled as an Islamophobe or racist. I suppose one way to avoid the bully is to be his friend and defend his actions.

    (Original post by The Reality)
    Christians need to learn to be as tolerant as Muslims.
    Christians and Muslims are individuals, not one homogeneous group. But I am yet to see Christians on here openly displaying the sort of bigotry that some Muslims do.

    Islam promise peace and tolerance. That is a fact you can not argue against
    Now it is obvious that you are either a Muslim yourself, or someone whose only knowledge of Islam is what you've been told by Muslim with a clear vested interest.

    Islam absolutely does not promise peace and tolerance. One particular verse illustrates this perfectly. "Fight them until there is no more disbelief and all religion is for Allah" - 8:38
    Peace =/= "Fight them"
    Tolerance =/= "Until all religion is for Allah".

    There are many others, BTW.

    (Original post by The Reality)
    You can not give one example when a Muslim has been violent or intolerant.
    Well, there was the occasion where Muhammad authorised the beheading of hundreds of prisoners.
    Or there was the time when he invaded Mecca and smashed al the idols of the other religions and banned thir followers from attending the holy pilgrimage site.

    I believe that Muhammad is definitivley classed as a Muslim. Probably the most important one ever. Look him up.

    Sweden is done.
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