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    It feels like the doctors in this country are giving up. there's loads of instances where doctors just look you up and down and claim you're fine. My mum has thyroid problems which was only confirmed after 6 visits to the doctors, it was only when she got hospitalised in the emerengency that they spent the effort to look into the problem, before that they told her she's healthy af.
    then theres me who had my eyes tested and told them my concerns about my eye. for the third year now they all said ''i'll give you a reference to the specialist and they'll send you a letter''. it's been 2 months now... seriously just tell me you cant be bothered.


    Is the NHS doing its best? I don't think that's the correct question to ask. I'd say, "Are the Government policies surrounding the NHS and health care best suited for patient care or rather to sound good?"
    Just look at the 4 hour A&E target - Not only does this put masses of pressure on A&E wards but it also reduces the quality of care doctors are able to give to patients. Consultants / Senior Doctors have to spend a lot of their time seeing minor incidents rather than majors because they have masses of patients which need to be seen to meet the 4 hour target of the hospital, and if the hospital as a whole doesn't do this with 95% of their patients they get reviewed and whatever else.
    Other policies such as having to refer to your GP for referral to a specialist doctor and hospitals not being able to access GP records massively stretches out the whole process.
    Some of these could be solved simply by allowing hospitals and out of hours doctors to access GP records or employing more triage nurses or ENPs - This would reduce the pressure on doctors / consultants and massively hasten the whole specialist referral process.

    Scraping the 4 hour target would also relieve lots of pressure and increase the quality of care to patients. But, no, it looks great on statistics to the public when a particular hospital met this target and excelled it with 97% of patients apparently meeting the target. - the statistics look great for fast care, but they don't emphasise the way in which this care was given and if it was of the greatest quality.
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