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The TOK presentation is coming up soon and we have been asked to identify the real life situation we want to talk about and also our knowledge question. I was thinking of 2014 Peshawar Massacre (You can quickly read it it as to what happened). I am not sure if I am going in right direction, as I have no idea how to relate to TOK. It would be great help if someone could tell me weather this is right or not and if its right, what kind of knowledge question can I have?
ThankYouu so much
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Real life situations that go on the news and are controversial/shocking are usually good. However with that real life situation, careful that you don't turn the presentation into an Ethics presentation. It should be about TOK, not ethics. Maybe think about what areas of knowledge and ways of knowing are involved? Try to identify what kind of "issues" are there in the event that is related to knowledge (e.g. the knowledge of the people who performed the massacre)? The presentation should be based on it, which you then explore it. Present the issue in the form of a question - it's the knowledge question, the centre of the presentation. For example you could use the knowledge question "to what extent does ____(a way of knowing/an area of knowledge)_____ cause/influence the murderers to perform the massacre?" Then you go on and discuss what kinds of knowledge influence people to make decisions, and how people's knowledge is influenced by other knowledge, etc. The thing is that you need to start from the specific, focused knowledge, expand it to include more general cases/situations, then return to the real life situation to answer your knowledge question, and finally discuss whether there's any real life significance to your conclusion.

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