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    so a quick bit of background: I'm in year 13 and since September i started having really bad panic attacks in school alongside ear pain. I was also diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety by my GP and have since been referred to 16-19 services.
    When the panic attacks first started I ended up coming clean to the head of 6th as I was running out the majority of my lessons and they helped me. But then the school started to get what I can only describe as 'off' with me, saying I just needed to get a grip of them and they did eventually begin to calm down as I was given beta blockers.
    The problem is they've started to come back and I really really don't want to end up in that bad place again. I've had my 16-19 assessment but won't be able to start sessions for at least a month due to waiting lists. The attacks so far have been bad but i've forced myself to stay in class but they're getting more extreme and I'm in a really bad rut with my depression atm as well.
    I guess the short question to this long essay (sorry!) is should I tell my head of 6th I'm suffering with the attacks again and see if they can help or try and 'get a grip alone'- I'm just scared about my mum finding out...
    what would you do if it were you??
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    I would get a dr's letter for your head of sixth form, explaining that you've been suffering from panic attacks, severe depression and anxiety and have been referred to relevant services. It's harder for a teacher to ignore/dismiss a dr's letter :yes:

    Sorry to hear of everything you're going through, really hope that waiting list isn't too long! :hugs:

    I agree with the above comment. The most important thing in this situation is your health and staying in contact with the college is also really important here - especially if your anxiety is affecting your attendance. Getting doctor documentation on your case will be really helpful- It could even be used as evidence towards extra time in exams or rest breaks etc if you feel that would help you and you are able to apply for them. Does your college have a support department? Maybe you could visit them and have a discussion to put methods in place to help you.

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    have you been referred to camhs? unfortunately their waiting times are very patchy and can take up to a year theyre the service for under 18s but there might be other charities that offer counselling etc, also what the gp has told you is not a 'formal' diagnosis so to speak its only a guideline because they can't diagnose under 18's nor give medication by NICE guidelines and i would tell your sixth form your health takes priority over anything
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