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I really like a girl - Need some advice and perspectives? watch

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    I have allowed myself to become absolutely crazy over a girl, we used to speak a little and she was funny and flirty and intelligent and beautiful. She's the only girl I've ever met that I want to ask out, and she is to be honest my exact type. The only problems I have is that we are completely different, separate people. While we go to the same college, I barely see her, when I do it's just a "Hey" it's never anything more and we haven't spoken properly in at least 6-7 months. I just don't know where to go, do I ask her out out of the blue? (I don't want to waste more time). I just don't know because physically I'm not the most attractive guy and (this is in all honesty without putting her on a pedestal, without my bias) she's stunning. I just need some advice. What should I do? It is driving me insane. I want to tell her this haha but don't wanna freak her out.
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    I think the key is to get talking to her a bit, find out a bit more about her, maybe something that you could use to ask her out to somewhere specific - eg a museum if she's into history or dinosaurs or something, or a scary film that's been out recently if she likes horror films or if she likes Japanese food there's a nice Wagamama's in town etc.

    Ask out of the bue and she'd probably say no unless she was attracted to you as well.

    write her a poem, that's what i do

    (Original post by ThirstML)
    write her a poem, that's what i do
    That explains your user name.

    OP, don't write her a poem

    You need to have a proper conversation with her then maybe ask her out for a coffee. Is she single? you say she is flirty maybe she is like that as a person. Would get to know her more before asking her out.

    You haven't spoken for the last couple of months but you're absolutely crazy about her?
    Tbh it sounds to me like you don't interact with girls enough then because I'm sure you'd get more attached to someone you speak to more than just a 'hi' now and then

    If you really want it to work you need to talk to her ASAP tho - dont ask her out for coffee, you're in college and noone does that crap in college
    Just start a conversation, might take a few days to find a good opportunity but you can probably wait that much anyway
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