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Being a computing student I would say it is easy and just view it as an advanced course in how to use MS Excel lol. But thats just my view point, I've never really taken any time to look at what ICT students actually do.
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It's probably quite a difficult time consuming course, sheerly for the coursework, but I don't think it's very respected.
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i'm thinking of taking it so was wondering what it was like and if it's 'respected' or not

All my university choices accepted it (Nottingham, Newcastle, Reading, Lancaster, Leicester, Leeds) so I would say it is respected.

I did ICT at AS and A-level and it's much more about practical uses of computer software - the kind of general computer skills that are useful for office work. Computing seems to be much more specific and less applicable to a general field, but obviously more useful if you are interested in programming etc. Both involve lots of documentation (possibly ICT has more than computing) which is good practice for project work at uni.
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It depends what you want to do, if you want to some kind of computing course at university and your school/college dosn't offewr computing then it will be far more respected than somthing like Geography.
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It's easy but boring and the coursework is very time consuming.

Universities might accept it but it's definitely not well respected.

I did it because at the time my school didn't offer Computing. Sod's law that they introduced it the year after I started ICT.

If you have the option, go for Computing. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother.

I'm heading for Computer Science at university by the way.
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I do it at the moment.... the elite universities probably don't like it too much.... but employers like it. Still - I've got into nottingham, durham, loughborough, UEA and southampton with it... but rejected by warwick and i think my subjects were the reason for that warwick rejection!
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and i think my subjects were the reason for that warwick rejection!

Interesting. I take it you applied for Computer Science? What are your other subjects?
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Interesting. I take it you applied for Computer Science? What are your other subjects?

Computer Science? What made you think that?

Management Sciences! - my other subjects are Psychology, Business and General
In my opinion it is a complete waste of time! I do Maths, Bio, Chem and ICT and I would say ICT is the hardest out of all of them just due to its sheer workload! It hasn't been put into any of my offers for uni, as far as they are concerned, I can fail it! I'm struggling to get a good grade in ICT purely because there just isn't enough time to go over all the 100s pages of theory we have been given in it, and I don't have any lessons in it, which doesn't help (long story). I don't think it's respected unless you want to make up points or something or are applying for an ICT-based course. Plus the damn project took me the whole of easter day and night :rolleyes: lol not to put you off or anything..
Can I also point out that if you take the OCR board for ICT, there are no textbooks so you're relying on the teacher's notes which aren't always brilliant although we did get dumped with huge booklets of slides that they ordered off the internet to substitute their -lacking- notes which are actually really good