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    A couple of interesting articles talking about how disproportionate numbers of Muslims are committing crimes and being imprisoned for it. Muslims make up less than 5% of the population but are almost 15% of the prison population. Even adjusting for the apparent attraction of prisoners to Islam when they are insinde, and consequent conversions, it appears the numbers are still very disproportionate.

    Also, this discussion forum on Ummah.com has British Muslims saying that their experience is that benefit fraud is widespread amongst British Muslims.


    My view is that the ghettoising tendency of many in the community, their desire to come here not to integrate but to live precisely as they lived before but just in a peaceful, advanced country, leads to higher levels of criminality.

    I also believe that the grievance and victimhood culture that permeates many within the Muslim community leads to contempt for the rule of law and for the native population, and thus they find it much easier to justify criminal acts against the community in general.

    What are your views on this? Do you think there is a link between higher levels of criminality and lack of integration? Do you believe that there is a crisis in the Muslim community which they need to start dealing with, instead of simply blaming everything on the West and wallowing in this mindset that portrays the West as part of an evil conspiracy to bring Islam down?

    Yes. I'm pro living in a multi cultural society and don't want to generalise all Muslims but I think we do need more cultural integration. If people want to live here they should adhere to the law and be civilised. It does need to happen both ways though. As the lack of integration can be perpetuated by non-Muslims as well.

    I'm not sure if lack of integration is linked to higher levels of criminality, but there's definitely a link between one's socio-economic profile and criminality. As the BBC article points out, Muslims in Britain are more likely to come from low socio-economic groups, and thus are more susceptible to crime.

    Buddhists are the most overrepresented group in UK prisons.
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