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im embarrassed about where i live? watch

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    (Original post by shawtyb)
    what the hell do u do!! jeez thats alot of time a week!
    It's Direct Marketing, I'm a salesman working with a company trying to break into the UK market from the states

    (Original post by James Milibanter)
    It's Direct Marketing, I'm a salesman working with a company trying to break into the UK market from the states
    sounds good! if there looking for admin or trainee manager, you know where to find me

    (Original post by anongreenx)
    I live in a council house, but not many people know about it apart from my close friends. I dont want to sound stuck up because im honestly not but i am quite popular and im not ugly (i promise im not stuck up!!😂😂) im nice, friendly, intelligent and i have a lot of friends but only a few know about where i live. I attract a lot of boys and im happy with my fashion sense. Now because i live in a council house in a dodgy estate a lot of people assume im like the stereotypical skank that deals drugs and wears tracksuits everywhere i go but im not like that at all!! And it stops me from getting closer to my friends or getting into relationships (although i am only 15 but still!!) and i may sound like im over exaggerating a little bit by saying this but i havent gone one day without worrying about it and i cry about it all the time. i dont let people round my house and when people give me a lift home i make them drop me off before we get to my estate, its so embarrassing.
    never be embarrassed, where you live is part of your identity. i live in a flat thats legit FILLED with drug dealers and prostitutes and what not. hell, my next door neighbour deals with drugs. And whenever people call me ghetto or tramp or any of that, i dont let it affect me because thats when it gets alot worst. Be proud of where you live. SHow them that they can say sh** and all its gonna do is backfire at them. prove to them that you are proud of who you are; especially with the fact that you're poppular; it would make it harder for them to make fun of you! if they say any crap come up with a comeback or slap them or do something that wouldnt only shut them up but would also make the others not have the guts to bully you because of where you live. BE STRONG
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