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Why do people feel they have the right to kill and torture animals? Watch


    (Original post by viddy9)
    As another commenter pointed out, there may be some evidence that people who become vegan for health reasons are more likely to fall back into meat-eating. Personally, I favour the animal welfare arguments when put forward tactfully. An excellent organisation that researches the most cost-effective ways to promote veg*nism and animal welfare is Animal Charity Evaluators.
    Very interesting. Thanks for this and the link . And yes I agree- but it depends what side of the health argument they are coming from. If it is simply for vanity and not for wellbeing then I agree- as it's a selfish reason to be vegan and you have no other incentive to not eat meat.

    For me, it is a different angle which you would have read about above I'm sure given your thorough approach to our discussion thus far. I am really enjoying talking to you about it and I'm sorry if some of my sweeping vegan statements offended you- they weren't aimed at you specifically and hope you know that

    I think that for me personally, I only became aware of the animal welfare arguments after deciding to be a vegan in a quest to improve my health after suffering so many physical symptoms with an autoimmune disease. But once I felt better on the diet and then learnt so much about the animal welfare aspects- thought about it logically AND on top learnt the environmental benefits I was completely sold. So I think there is still cause for people open to considering other benefits of veganism to be 'converted' after initially trying it for their health- if that makes sense.

    Another option is to appeal to the cost effective nature of it. Yes vegan marketed posh organic products are expensive. But potatoes, most fruits, vegetables, rice, oats- ridiculously cheap!! That's just another idea. But people might assume that because veganism has been associated with organic health food fad eating that it's really expensive when in fact it isn't-it's easy and cheap.

    The most important part about animal welfare arguments is to as you say, put them across tactfully. A lot of people who eat meat are very intelligent and logical. I think it's just about really raising awareness. The thing that resonated with me most is that I used to think free-range chicken meant everything was fine in the world but the 'meme' type thing showing two chickens walking towards a slaughter house from two paths- one path is coming from a battery farm and one is coming from green beautiful fields- but ultimately they're both ending up dead for human consumption so what difference does it make! I think things that like are very powerful.

    Some vegans/the vegan community ought to be careful because I think they are potentially putting a barrier up for people who might well be tempted to try the way of life but are put off by the connotations of vegans and what people automatically assume if you're a vegan.

    Small **** syndrome

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