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Sensible people don't believe in God anymore watch

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    I agree with OP

    I'm sensible.

    I don't believe in God.

    (Original post by davidguettafan)
    Do you agree with this statement?

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    I'll start by explaining what true intelligence and rational and independent thinking actually is. Don't worry, I'm not going to be PC here. What I'm about to say is an unbiased analysis from a purely rational scientific point of view. I'll use the scientific method on this question, which is the only way a valid answer can be found.

    Intelligence means being good at academic subjects for most people. This is complete nonsense. You don't have to be an academic to be intelligent. True intelligence is the ability to make unbiased and logical conclusions based on the evidence available AND being prepared to change these without hesitation if new observations contradict these conclusions. Every decent academic possesses the ability to make logical unbiased conclusions. Only the best are able to fully accept that their conclusions may be disproven in the future.

    Rational thinking is the ability to avoid jumping to conclusions and to resist the urge to cling to the answers you prefer even if it is disproven. It also requires the ability to make unbiased and logical conclusions based on the evidence available. Independent thinking is the ability to make judgments based solely on empirical evidence, without any influence whatsoever from other people's views. Independent thinkers are able to "look outside the box" and find VALID answers instead of cowering behind the common opinion.

    A sensible action is one which is done based entirely on all three of these qualities.

    A valid theory or hypothesis has predictive capabilities as well as being able to explain the (relevant) observed phenomena.

    Moving on, now that those terms have been defined lets compare them to the belief of an all powerful deity:With the information now available and the truckloads of empirical, reproducible evidence which our species has collected we can make more accurate conclusions about the universe than the ancients could. Despite this, not a single piece of valid evidence supporting the existence of a deity has been found. There is no reproducible empirical evidence for the idea of a deity so it is impossible to call any religion rational or sensible. You may argue that this is the case with many scientific theories, but there is a fundamental difference between religions and valid theories. Theories have predictive capabilities, so we can test them and prove them. Religions do not, so they can neither be tested or proven.

    An idea which is un-testable and un-provable is by definition (and common sense) wrong. As this is true of every religion, every religion is therefore fundamentally flawed and completely wrong. This means that all religions are merely irrational superstitions. Those who believe them are therefore not being rational thinkers and are severely lacking in intelligence (no, you may be very good in academic subjects but that does not make you intelligent) and sensibility.

    All this can be said without even reading a religious text. That's pretty darn atrocious if you ask me. If someone were to submit a paper which tried to prove an un-testable theory to any scientific organisation they would be laughed at and encouraged to change their career choice.

    When you actually read the texts (as I have done for the sake of being unbiased) you will find that the entirety of their contents are contradictory. It's no wonder that there's so many different branches of each religion, the author(s) of their "holy" books can't make up their mind(s)! I'm not just talking about contradictions between different sections, within each section just about every statement is contradicted at another point in the section!

    In short, yes the OP's statement is 100% correct and if you bothered to read the above rant you'd have seen the proof of this.

    'Sane people......'
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