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Thinking of coming out as Autistic in my mid-20's watch

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    Hi guys,
    I am thinking of coming out that I am Autistic. I have a form of Autism that is high-functioning.
    I have been to normal mainstream school, a coeducational University and I have lived away from home for 6 months. I am 24 and I have played in sports teams and Drama etc. I am saying this because I have generally hidden what I have or denied it before. It was only recently that I had a few failures resulting in a 'quarter-life' thing (a job that didn't work out and discovering among other things) that has made me try to question) that has made me realize how I was able to survive. Some people have known mainly close friends but but I feel the need to come out.
    It is only now in therapy as one of the issues that has cropt up which I am trying to tackle. I feel coming out would help relieve my anxiety etc.
    I am still in therapy at the moment, feel that this could be one of the biggest steps I would take but I want to live a life true. I understand if it would make people feel uncomfortable however.
    What do people think?

    Well in terms of being autistic like everything it is your business but at the same time, nothing to be embarrassed about so if you want to tell people feel free but you don't particularly owe it to anyone. If you feel that it will affect other areas of your life it might be good to give a heads up to employers, teachers etc. But other than that, there's no real reason to 'come out' unless you feel it's something that will help you

    Entirely up to you I have known people at uni etc who have been quite open about their ASD and I have never known it really affect anyone's opinion
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    It's up to you. I've never felt the need to come out. Well, one friend knew anyway (I had to ask him for advice, aware that he'd worked it out anyway - it's knida because of him I have my diagnosis) and had quite a lot of explaining to do to another friend, in which I had to explain the reason for my issues is because I have Autism. But I know that quite a few people have worked it out even without me telling them.

    "coming out" seems like a pretty over dramatic term to use when you're just disclosing your autism spectrum diagnosis.

    I have Aspergers and it's not a big deal or secret. Most people wouldn't even guess I have it, when I tell people about it its usually when the topic comes up randomly in conversation.
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