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    I keep thinking about this as I'm now older but when I was about 4/5 years old, (I'm male) I went to the doctors for a flu shot or something and I remember my mum leaving me in the doctors office and suddenly smack around the back of the head.. the reason I remember that moment is because that had never happened to me before and then sometime after I remember the doctor had me on the doctors table and I don't know what he was doing to me maybe humping me but not penetrating but I remember making a slight noise from waking and he stopped and tried to bring me around as I must have been out of it and I remember my mum coming back into the room saying 'is he ok?' and the doctor saying 'its just the flu shot' and then being really dazed in the car and when I got home I remember my dad saying to my mum 'is he ok?'.. and eventually I came round without saying anything about feeling dizzy or blacking out mostly because I was so young at the time.

    I don't want to pursue pressing charges as I'm not psychologically disturbed that it affects me but I have to say I am disgusted that a professional could do something like that to a young child.

    Is it worth reporting this to police as it might lead to something as this could have happened to so many young children.
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    It happened so many years ago and the only word they have is yours. How reliable is a 4 years old memory? You can't even remember the facts yourself.

    That's not to say that it didn't happen or you're a liar. It's just difficult to press charges on something that's so outdated and little reliable evidence. Children are surrounded by games, toys, tv, music everything. It could be a combination of things influencing your memory.
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    That is really aweful if he did do that. I know memories from childhood can get distorted and stuff but that does sound bad. It sounds odd enough that they would ask your mum to leave the room. Normally parents stay with children.

    Honestly it would be difficult to persue, but you still could. Have you ever spoken to your parents about it? That could shed some light on it. It's possible you passed out from general nervousness and what you remember is him waking you up (though he would probably tell your mum that). Do you know who he was? You could see if he is still practicing because he may have retired by now and that could bring you some peace of mind.

    If you want to report it then talk to your parets to try to get some more info and just be prebared that it might not lead to anything. If they've had any other reports though it could turn into something. Think of all the celebrity sex abuse stories only just coming to light.

    They shouldn't have had to be with you on your own anyway surprised your mum left! Are you sure your mum wasn't there?

    What city are you in?

    Is the doctor still practicing?

    I hope this isn't what you imagine it is I really hope it isn't

    Also is it possible you had a reaction to the flu shot?
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    Thank you all for your replies. I was mainly looking for if I should or shouldn't report this to the police. As has been mentioned it was a very long time ago and my memory is really vague and the reason I didn't understand at the time is because of my age and as I got older things started to make sense that I might be right about what happened.

    I have spoken to my mother and she remembers the time I was talking about, so if I were to report this then she will know more about where and when.

    So if I did report this all I could say is 'I think this may have happened..' but I think I would feel better for at least reporting it, as I dread to think this could have happened for years.
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