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    Right to make a few things clear before I start. My partner and I have been together a long time, are extremely in love with each other and have plans in the near future for a family etc etc. We have discussed this openly the last few weeks and are serious about it.

    We are getting to that stage in our relationship where we noticed the frequency of sex dropping. We used to have sex at least 3-4 times a week in our 'honeymoon period' of the relationship. Over the years this has declined and we noticed this several months ago. We discussed and decided to try different things to reinvigorate our sex life. We even bought a book from Cosmopolitan 'A Year of Hot Sex' with 365 different tickets (for him, for her or for both) where you use one a day. This sky rocketed our sex, we were having it every day for weeks, bodies permitting.

    Anyway, this isn't a thread about not getting enough sex. We have resolved that. However, since that, we have been a lot more open to trying new things with each other. In the last few weeks the idea of a Threesome came around. This wasn't brought up by one or the other (before anyone brings in the old 'oh I bet you brought it up'). A friend of ours had a threesome and we immediately had the same thought as each other.

    My question is not, is this a good idea, could it ruin our relationship etc etc. We are extremely comfortable this will not damage our relationship. It's a fantasy we are both having and we just want the experience. Once. Sure if we both like it there could be other instances but for the case of this thread, we are doing it once because we want to try it.

    So what is my question?

    N.B. She doesn't like the thought of another man (for now I'm sure lol) but isn't against kissing and fooling around with a girl. Now...

    Who do we try and bring into this? Her best friend has already had a threesome (the aforementioned girl) so she's a possibility? But would it make her friendship awkward as we both know her very well already? Or would that make it easier for us? Is it easier to have someone neither of you know and never will know to ensure you have no cares or worries post-threesome? And if so, how do we get this unknown third party? Pull her on a night out? Or is it easier to just go down a certain route involving money?

    I appreciate this may be a little out their compared to other threads here but it is genuinely a serious question from the both of us. Your words / thoughts would be encouraged and invited.


    I'd recommend finding a stranger, not somebody you know because it can affect your friendship after. Either find them online or use money like you said
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    You need a girl? Damn

    Best to find a stranger tbh

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    I had a threesome once with my friend and his girlfriend, who I was also good friends with. It didn't really affect our friendship at first, but after a while she started to get a bit funny with him and me hanging out. It wasn't too bad though. This was a few years ago now.

    Also, my boyfriend expressed an interest in having a threesome recently, as he'd never had one and knew I had. We talked about it and decided to do it. We had a similar problem though: how to find someone. We joined a couple of fetish websites to meet people, that seemed to introduce us to a few people. Eventually a mutual friend of ours agreed to it. We both got on with her, but weren't super close, so she seemed like a good choice.

    Anyway, it never happened because it turned out she had feelings for my boyfriend, so really she just wanted to sleep with him.

    The point is, there's no right place to find a woman to bring into your relationship. For me, I would prefer a girl who I know, but am not very close with, and who I know isn't going to start spending alone time with my boyfriend. Don't rush into anything, be patient and start looking. Good luck!

    Me and my ex* were in exactly the same position as you are. We decided to use an escort. This is why;
    - There were absolutely no strings attached.
    - We didn't have to worry about it affecting our relationships with friends etc.
    - It was completely discreet.
    - It meant that we didn't have to use the same person every time.
    - It killed two birds with one stone for me because I had always fantasised about having a threesome and hiring a prostitute.
    - The prostitute was generally experienced in threesomes which definitely helped the first couple of times we did it.
    - It added an additional thrill factor because we didn't know the person on a personal level.
    - There was always an escort available at any time of day.

    The only downside was that it's quite an expensive hobby. It cost us £300 a time, which me and my girlfriend split. We could only afford to do it once or twice a month. However, it was something to look forward to. Also, threesomes can be awkward at times especially if you orgasm quickly and the other two are still at it.

    * We didn't brake up because of our sex life, we broke up for various unrelated reasons.

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