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I really need help watch

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    Im going to start off with saying im not proud of myself for this, but i was extremely desperate. This is a really long post too, again, sorry for that.

    I graduated last year with a 1st, i have something like 220 UCAS points, which sucks because everywhere seems to want at least 260-280+, I have been job seeking for months, my girlfriend is about to be thrown out of her house because her parents don't like the fact she's having a half black child, i live with my mum in a small 2 bedroom flat and we literally have no space to accommodate an extra 2 people. We weren't in a position to need any sort of council help so neither of our names had ever been on the council's lists or anything like that, citizen's advice basically told us that until she physically has the baby in her arms, there's nothing that can be done. She is going to be homeless in the next month or so.

    I have been trying to get myself into employment since January last year but i couldn't get ANYTHING, even simple office part time jobs, i've always known that in this day and age, employer's place a relatively high level of importance on experience, as appose to many years ago when a good grade would at least get your foot in the door.

    Fast forward to last august, i had tweaked my CV left right and centre without telling any 'real' lies, i pretty much just exaggerated how good of a worker i was in my last role from before university started, still to no avail. I FINALLY got a call back from a recruiter who had seen my CV on Monster, he was offering a graduate accounting job which i would never ever have applied to, simply because they were offering a starting salary of £22,000 and i hadn't valued myself realistically over £18,000. But hey, this guy wanted me as i was, so great stuff!. I went through the hiring motions, went for an interview, got through to the next round, was told the interviewers (who clearly weren't company interviewers or from HR) really liked me and everything. Things were looking up, then right after my second interview, which again went brilliantly, and i mean literally 30 minutes later, before i had even got home, my recruiter called me and basically told me that:

    'The hiring manager has looked over your resume, and basically decided he's not interested in hiring anyone that cant hit the ground running'

    So basically, since i have no recent experience, he didn't want me, i literally pulled over my car and just broke down, i don't get what else i could've done right? The recruiter even went as far as telling me that they found the other candidate pretty dull, but the fact he had done a 6 month internship last year and i hadn't been employed in 3 years meant it was a 'no question' decision from the hiring manager.

    So, i did what i told myself i would never do, what ive seen so many articles advising against, i lied on my CV. I asked a friend who has a small construction company if i could say that i worked in his office for 2 months until december just passed, basically doing general office duties and 'assisting' with their accounts. He's a pretty smart guy, so he's assured me he knows all the correct things to say. I'll start of by saying, everything that ive listed on my CV, i know 'how' to do, and i haven't applied for anything that is out of my league. I have been given the chance to go to an assessment day for a small accounting firm, and the real issue that i'm having here is :

    I don't actually know what the day-to-day is of someone who does this kind of job is?, i know what teachers do, i know what chefs do, i know what a lorry driver does, but i don't actually know what i would say if someone asked me ' so what did you actually do at your last job, what did your typical day look like ', i feel like i would just freeze up and say something like 'urh, i just did, you know, general, office stuff' - which clearly sounds f*cking ridiculous

    Can anyone who's had a job as an assistant manager, doing accounts, audit stuff etc, please give me some kind of remote idea about what they would say if someone asked them the same question.

    I know alot of people can be quite judgemental, and honestly, i'm open to any idea's about what i can do, and i dont know what else to say other than i am about as desperate as you can get, and i understand that many people dont agree with this kind of thing, but i just want to get my foot in the door somewhere, and the more recruiter's that i talk to, the more feedback i ask for from rejection applications, the more and more ive come to realise that being unemployed for a lengthy amount of time, can make things really hard. I wish i had time to just 'be looking' for employment, but i really dont have time, things seem to moving in fast forward while im just standing still.

    Thanks for your time, i HOPE this was the right kind of place to ask

    What office admins generally do:

    - 70% of your time will be focused on a particular, repeatable task that you've been hired to do: consolidate invoices, consolidate timesheets, load up paper finances (Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable) onto an excel sheet, make sure people are paid on time
    - Remainder of your time will be split between regular support work (i.e. organising meetings, scheduling interviews, scheduling supplies / deliveries) and one-off work (meeting new suppliers, handing over expense / sales documentation to an accounting technician)

    If at any point you're not certain of something, just say that you handed-off the work to another employee who's job it was to take care of it. Most organisations have extremely divided workforces and "silo mentality".
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