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    (Original post by ranz)
    where can u find legacy papers?
    And just click on your relevant exam board!

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    Note to self:
    Just remember it’s not about neat notes, expensive pens and fancy notebooks.
    It’s about learning the content and making sure you can apply it.
    Even if you have to buy 75p notebooks from Wilkos.
    Let it be.

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    Weekend update:
    - Did some more revision on buffers and did some more exam questions because it's my weakest point in chemistry ATM
    - Completed essay on parental investment
    - did a F212 paper and got 89/100

    - Started my F322 notes on rates

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    Good luck!

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    - got my first medicine offer- which I've firmed now (so my week hasn't been very productive because it was a celebration week I guess- but back to work now)
    - Only have redox and cell potential left for chemistry (half way through making these notes)
    - Biology F215 - have done 5 spreads of biotechnology (this is the only module I have left)
    - Biology F212 - have done one past paper, and started from biological molecules making notes and memorising (done 9 spreads today)

    Hoping to get this done for the rest of the day
    - Psychology: do essay on sex differences and make a power point on research methods.

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    Update 11/03/2016
    - It's been a while since I updated! Hope you're all well (if anyone's reading this blog I love you aha)
    Hm for chemistry - I've finished my Unit 2 notes which are all now completed
    Unit 4- notes done and revision done
    (Haven't touched since mocks in January so will recap and start papers again soon)
    Unit 5 - notes and exam questions done for everything apart from transition metal elements!!
    Got an A for my rates test 78% which isn't too high but I'm pleased with it- aiming to increase this.
    Rates Evaluative :15/15 (retake done)
    NMR evaluative 13/15 (retest needed)
    Quantitative rates : 12/15 (going to redo this)
    Qualitative: 8/10 (going to redo this)
    Only have half a module left from unit 5 to self study (as my teachers are way too slow)
    Unit 2 and unit 4 notes done
    Unit 4 past papers 2009-2015 done for mocks in January (will redo these again a few times and go back to legacy if I have to)
    - done 2 papers for unit 2
    I got 89/100 on one and 82/100 on the other hoping to bump this to 90+ by exam time Just need to stop making silly mistakes

    Psychology: Schizophrenia essays (Done + marked all are A grade)
    Addiction (Done and marked all are A grade)
    Research methods (fairly good understanding of this - need to go over this and make a PowerPoint)
    - relationships essay (nearly done all, marked 3 ones that are marked are A grade standard)
    Eating behaviour (Done only one essay- aiming to complete this week)

    Aggression (not started - aiming to get this done by Easter)

    - over the weekend:
    - complete relationships essays (DONE)and - memorise the marked ones
    - do research methods PowerPoint
    - Complete a unit 2 paper for chemistry f322 June 2009 (DONE 97/100)
    - unit 2 paper for biology (DONE 88/100)
    - revise one module from unit 4 chemistry (DONE) and biology
    - read ahead for biology (completed all of biotech unit 5, and all of unit 5 now need to go over it all again)
    - start transition metal notes

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    It's been a long time since I updated!!
    Hope you're all well
    Biology- Content and notes finished for
    F212 - Done
    F214- Done
    F215- Done
    Practicals 36/40
    Past papers for F212 averaging out 88% across 5 papers
    Need to start past papers for F214 and F215

    Chemistry- Content and notes finished
    For all units
    Transition metals test results: 81%
    Rates and Buffers test results : 79%
    Need to really bump up my UMS for chemistry because I can't retake unit 1 and that was a low C so if I want to get an A overall I need to get a higher UMS in all other areas

    Psychology : Relationships (Essays done + memorised)
    - eating behaviour ( 4 essays left)
    - Aggression (just started in class)

    Schizophrenia (essays done - need to recap as last time I memorised these was for mock exams)
    - research methods (notes done - now need to do past paper questions on this)
    - Addiction (model answers done and memorised need to recap as last time I looked at this was in January)

    April and May left to recap everything hopefully you're all productive and can get the grades!!

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    wow seems really good- hope u get the grades u want. Also, quick question, I have my a2 rates evaluative tomorrow and just wanted to know what comes up as I flopped all my other evals and this is my only hope. Would really appreciate ur help. xx
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