If Britain had become communist after WW2?

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An alternative British political history if we'd become communist after WW2!

Late 1940s
Britain is a loyal supporter of Stalin's USSR our newly elected leader becomes an autocratic leader. The Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and other crown dependencies arn't affected by Britain's switch to Stalinism. The Royal family defects to Jersey.

Britain sends troops to help Kim Il Sung take control of South Korea and bring it under control form the North.Also British troops are sent to East Berlin to crush and uprising against the communist leadership of the DDR.

After Stalin dies, British spies support an attempt by NKDV police chief Laverty Beria to become the next Soviet leader. The attempt fails.Britain falls out with the USSR under Khrustov and allies itself with Chairman Mao Tse Tong of China and communist Albania. Our prime minister declares that the USSR is a pseudo capitalist society and that we must root out and crush any attempts to bring capitalism to Britain. Britain follows a path of Stalinist Maoism.

Late 1950s
Great Leap Forward UK! is launched. We needed to quadruple steel output to reach the goal of our Socialist utopia. Thousands of citizens from big cities like London, Birmingham are drafted into the countryside to join communes and work on rural farming projects. People are required to donate their cutlery pots and pans to communes in an attempt to make more steel using home made steel furnaces. Public parks and gardens are dug over and turned into agricultural land.

Great Leap Forward UK! is a failure and is ended. The prime minister meets Mao in London and launches a campaign of free speech. Citizens, party memebers, councillors, MPs, School teachers etc are encouraged to show their frustrations against the system. Thousands do. The more liberal minded Deputy prime minister takes control of the UK, introducing popular reforms. People are allowed to save money and some degree of free market is brought back. People now feel relaxed and happy. Teachers can tell pupils the faults of our regime. The economy is going fine now.

Fighting breaks out between British and Russian troops in East Berlin where both armies patrol. The British accuse the Soviets of being capitalist sympathisers, but also encourage a Maoist uprising in East Germany. The Soviet government expels British red army troops from East Germany.

Late 1960s
Thousands of people across the UK took advantage of 'The freedom of speech campaign' they were granted and voiced their disdain against the system and our prime minister. The prime mister takes charge again and decides we need a return to Stalinism and Stalinist values.The PM dressed like a pop star appeals to hundreds of thousands of British youths to take control of the destiny of their country and form red guard militias.The deputy PM is arrested and publicly humiliated, spat on and pelted with stones by red guard youth militias. He's subsequently jailed for corruption.Any private businesses and property are taken over by the state.Teachers who spoke out during Freedom of speech campaign are attacked by their students. Schools, colleges and universities are shut down. Many teachers are fired and jailed and branded capitalist terrorists.MPs and council members are forced to parade through towns jeered and attacked by youth militias. Books and undesirable literature is burned. Artists and writers who voiced their opinions in the early 60s are viciously attacked by youth militias and jailed. Schools are burnt down. Eton is blown up.

The disgusting trial and prosecution of Miss Smith.
Miss Smith in the late 1950s early 1960s had been our primary school teacher. She was kind and very helpful. She helped me pass my 11 plus. Despite being a communist party member, She told us to speak out if we were unhappy as the regime had suggested, however that would sadly get her the unwanted attention of the local peoples committee One day a group of older youths from the university cornered us. You did what they told you or you'd get a punch on the nose. We were made to visit Miss Smiths house and daubed graffiti on her walls, 'Capitalist filth, fascist terrorist' etc. they got in her house smashing ornaments and ripping up her beloved books.The older youths dragged her outside by her hair kicking and spitting on her. She saw me and we could see the hurt and sadness in her eyes. Some of these youths had been her pupils, who like me had once idolised her. She was later sent for trial in Wembley Stadium in front of thousands of jeering youth militia. We never saw her again

Cinemas that fail to show communist sufficient movies are ransacked.Children were required to learn Das Capital and the red book by heart.

Towns and cities are in chaos. The US Embassy is forced to shut down. The Soviet embassy is burnt to the ground with pictures of Brezhnev defaced. Every street corner has a poster of chairman Mao alongside our Great prime minister and Stalin.Factories have been closed for many months after youths attacked managers.Pitched battles between workers and youths ensured.

British troops are sent to Cambodia to help train and arm communist rebels in the jungles, these would later become the Khmer Rouge.Downing Street becomes increasingly obsessed with Mao's wife and 3 other people set to become the new leadership after Mao. Youths are encouraged to take part in an even more vicious revolt against British culture egged on by this Gang of Four in China.

Seaside towns in chaos and historical buildings in grave danger.
The army is forced to step in as historical buildings are being destroyed, and youth militias fight against each other each trying to claim to be more communist than the others.Brighton, Southend and Blackpool are turned into war zones are red guard youth militias on motorbikes and scooters battle each other. Blackpool tower is occupied by members of the Red dawn Stalinist militia, for 6 months after defeating the no1 Red Star brigade.

Those who lose are labeled as capitalist filth.Eventually the army deports all youths to the countryside and away from towns and cities. They take part in farming activities, forestry etc.Schools re- open

With the British Economy in ruins, the new prime minister is forced to legalise capitalism in a few areas. These zones thrive and attract massive foreign investment. Such that there is a waiting list to live in these zones.

For the first time since the 1960s we help the Russian red army in Afghanistan and prevent flow of arms to Mujahideen via Pakistan. There is a soviet victory in Afghanistan. A Saudi named Osama Bin Laden is arrested by SAS/Spetsnatz troops and sent to Siberia for execution.

Late 1980s
Britain is divided by a largely communist economy and free market zones, with gleaming skyscrapers, restaurants, nightclubs. In the communist areas exist basic canteens (stoloviya) and everyone wears dark grey workers clothing.

In 1989
jealous at the freedom that's growing in the USSR a massive riot erupts in Trafalgar Square demanding reforms and Glasnost and Perostrika in the UK. Huge portrait of Mikhail Gorbachev is displayed from Admiralty arch. The prime minister refuses any further reforms. Rioters in Trafalgar Square and attacked with tanks approaching from Whitehall direction and from Piccadilly. Also helicopter gun ships from the sky swoop down. Hundreds of protesters are killed.

1990s and 2000s
Economic reforms are going well. Britain has one of the strongest economies in the world. Britain's first 150 floor skyscraper is opened in Canary Wharf London, followed by a 200 floor skyscraper in 2000.
British troops help Serbia liberate large areas of Bosnia.
In 2003 we send troops to defend Saddam Hussein in Iraq whilst negotiating with the US to make a deal with Saddam. Free trade if hostilities are dropped. We agree to an independent Kurdistan in Iraq and Turkey.


Peoples protection units (PPU) comprised of Socialist Youth militia are given the task of hunting down and arresting Bankers who caused the Credit crunch. Although communist Britain was not affected by the resulting Great Recession, trade was affected and a return to Stalinist Maoism was considered.

British troops help col Gaddafi defeat ISIS terrorists in Libya and give support to leaders in the region to keep peace and suppress an Arab revolution.

The PPU raids offices of the Civil Service and DWP, Jobcentres are shut down and managers arrested following claims of unfair pogroms against victims of the Capitalist Bankers Great Recession who receive social assistance. It's revealed that many victims have been tricked out of SA and had money stopped for petty reasons. Managers and top civil servants faced long jail sentences and reeducation in peoples Gulags. The DWP is declared an illegal organisation and all its offices converted into museum against the evils of capitalist Banking and some converted into housing.

There is no war or conflict in Iraq, Syria, Libya or Tunisia millions of people are still alive. Our prime minster is a close friend of Assad to whom we supply millions of pounds of trade. We also work with Gaddafi and China to create a unified Africa free of poverty and war
Putin is Britain's closest ally.
British Schools now teach both Russian and Mandarin.

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