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Velvetsky's First Class Journey watch

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    I am velvetsky (obvs not my real name haha).I am second year Pharmacy student and I have decided to make a blog this year to document my journey through second semester.

    Where have I come from? * Patient History*
    I have always considered myself to be of average intelligence.
    I have average statistics.GCSE ;2A* 4A 3B , AS level; ABBB ,Alevel; ABB
    So yeah as you can see I'm not your Oxbridge candidate but I like to think I'm ok. However, I worked hard for AS and Alevel I know for a fact if I worked harder than what I have been doing so far I would be averaging at least 70% in all my assessments.

    Where am I right now? *The Current State*
    I have just started second semester (today) and have received my marks for semester 1 assignments.I got 52 (my first 2nd year assignment) 84,70 ,65, 62 currently waiting for one more.I did really badly in one test which is worth 5% of the module and got a disappointing 1/6 questions correct .Don't even ask how!.I HONESTLY couldn't tell you.I have never been so disappointed in myself, this is why I'm making this blog.I have received 2 sets of disgusting results and I know this has got to change.

    Why the need to get good grades i.e. 70+ ? *The Examination*
    2 years ago I missed out on my firm choice and had to settle for second best because I didn't do as well as I had hoped.
    I am aiming for a first class degree overall and I want to smash it.I have always been one of those people that doesn't need external motivation, first semester for me was good socially but terrible academically.It wasn't until I got 52% on my first 2nd year university assignment, I had to sit down and think about how I was quickly I was losing my vision and my drive.
    Do I feel like I deserved such a mark though?.Ofcourse.I took everything too lightly and now I want to see what happens if I put in 80+ effort in.

    The problems *The Diagnosis*:ahhhhh:
    Diagnostic problem 1; Laziness.I mean extreme laziness.E.g. on Mondays I have a 2 hr gap and instead of going to the library and doing some work its either I go back to my flat and nap #BadHabit or I just waste my time doing absolutely nothing.This is definitely one of the things I am trying to change this semester.By having this blog I hope to achieve a constant working pattern.

    Diagnostic problem 2; Setting myself way too many tasks then I end up not getting anything done because I have so much to do.Then that stresses me out because I have got nothing done and that vicious cycle goes on and on.

    Diagnostic problem 3; Bad revision techniques I had revision techniques that worked but at uni I don't feel like they work as well e.g. rewriting notes worked at Alevel but not so much now for me.However, I am searching for new techniques.

    Diagnostic problem 4; PROCRASTINATION. AHHH always here to bite me in the arse.I put the PRO in PROCRASTINATION.I will avoid work until I *have* to do it.

    What am I going to do about it? *Treatment*
    - Procrastinate less
    -Stop making never ending To-do lists
    -Review my lecture notes in the same week they are given

    Where am I going? *The goal of treatment*
    So I am hoping to achieve 70s in 2 modules and atleast 80 in the other 3rd module.I am aiming for at least 80% in all of my exams.

    In addition, I am hoping to start reading again.I used to love reading and I don't know how and when I stopped reading.I am joining a book society haha! this semester.

    Optimising Usage of Medicines - 70%
    Pharmacology - 70%
    Pharmaceutical Formulations,Dispensing and Dosage Forms - 80% overall and 80% in the exam

    Thankyou for taking the time to read my long ass post!!.

    Please follow my blog

    I will update this blog every Friday (or weekend depending on my schedule).

    Lets do this!!!

    (Original post by velvetsky)
    This is amazing!

    You're plan is so detailed- I like it a lot.
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    (Original post by Tank Girl)
    This is amazing!

    You're plan is so detailed- I like it a lot.
    Thankyou very much! X

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    This is my first update, Phewww so much has happened!.I'm still breathing!.#GotSuperBusy

    I can't believe I am actually getting work done however I am not getting as much done as I would like.My workload is increasing by day!.I have 2 essays to write & one is due next week, an exam to revise for which is in 2 weeks time, a test next week which I need to revise for, 2 pre-lab worksheets and related directed reading, also a few journals to read on top of my everyday lectures I need to go through!.

    I have managed to go over 3 out of 10 lectures in preparation for my exam which is in 2 weeks time (it is an open book exam).I definitely need to start picking up the pace.Its only Tuesday today and I'm hoping to have covered at least 7 by the end of the week (Friday/Saturday).

    For one of my modules it is taking me forever to make notes.The lectures are really long & very detailed - atleast 70-80 slides in one lecture and there is a lot of diagrams of machinery used in the pharmaceutical industry.My lecturer says we need to know the principles of the machinery .However I am really enjoying the module.There is a lot of thinking and imagining involved which is a plus for me.I am a thinker! .

    One thing I am working on is going to bed early so I can get up early.I hate doing work in the evenings, I would like to have evenings off.

    Till next time

    Posted from TSR Mobile

    Reading through these threads helps me realize that problems that I thought were just mine - procrastination, over-scheduling, etc - are problems must of us face!

    You can do this. And you don't have to do it alone. There are tons of great books about productivity, procrastination, and study skills. No need to read every word- just find the chapter you need it and be sure to implement what speaks to you.

    Three books have helped me greatly that I'd like to share with you:

    Kelly McGonigal's The Willpower Instinct: Why Self Control Matters
    Brian Tracy's Eat That Frog (on procrastination)
    Cal Newport's How to Become A Straight A Student

    I will review all of these and more my blog, but even if you don't check it out you should scan these books. Full of helpful tools, strategies, and perspectives.

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