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    I am currently looking into adopting a dog and just looking for some advice on whether this is a good idea. I’m 22 and in September will be moving to another town to start university. Although I will be studying an undergraduate course the typical student life isn’t how I’ll be living.. I won’t be out drinking every night and I am a keen morning person so won’t be sleeping until 2pm every day.
    I’ll also be living in a shared 3 bed house which my parents own, and therefore no problem with landlord permission. It’s not a huge house but has a decent garden and the lounge and kitchen are spacious enough.
    In regards to money, I will be working part time and wages along with my student loan should give me around £850 a month. As my parents own the house I will only be paying £200 a month in rent including bills. I feel that this should give me enough money to pay for all the dogs needs, including insurance.Although I know I will be busy with university work and a part time job, I also know that my course is only 12% seminars/lectures and therefore a lot of my work will be independent meaning I can do it in my own time and most importantly, at home. Between lectures/seminars and part time work, I should be home for some time in between (if I have both on one day) and therefore will be able to break up the time the dog is left alone. I’ve been looking into different breeds and which are more suited to a quieter lifestyle and have seen a few things to suggest that greyhounds are quite suitable as they sleep a lot and don’t mind being alone for a while. I predict that at the absolute maximum, the longest I would have to leave the dog alone is 8 hours and even then, as I am living with 2 other people, it’s likely that they will be home at some point during that 8 hours to provide some company. (Of course I would not rely on them to care for the dog completely)Anyone who has had experience with this? Or any advice?

    My thought is that you've very carefully considered the next three years, which is fantastic.

    But what about the next ten? Your problems may start when you graduate and begin a working life. If you have to move away from your uni town to work, then you'll be back in the private rented sector - which, as you've mentioned, tends to be unfriendly towards pets. Your uni hours are very flexible, but a professional role will look nothing like that. Unless you find a live-in partner or someone to share the care of a dog, it faces being left alone for maybe eight hours a day, five days a week, (or more) if you take on a full-time role.

    I have friends involved with two dog rescues and neither will home dogs with university students, simply because there is this significant and predictable element of uncertainty about their lifestyle in the medium term.

    I commend you for giving the idea very careful thought. However it may be worth having as a post-graduation goal, once you've got into your working life and figured out how a dog would fit into that routine.

    Agree with PP. A dog is a lifetime commitment and while I can see that it's well considered and you are obviously planning on being a responsible dog owner, in the long term you just don't know. I would probably say look at getting a pet that's less long-lived or possibly one that is more self-contained and lower maintenance if you really desire a pet. I really wanted animals when I was a student and I ended up with a fish - I still have him now, 10 years later! :-D

    I wouldn't recommend it. It's great that you've thought about it so much and you aren't going to be clubbing and drinking, etc., but even without being a student it is a large responsibility. I have a dog currently and I'm potentially heading to uni in September and I can't even imagine taking him with me. Dogs can be quite demanding with affection, exercise, money, etc. There are vets bills, insurance, constant food, flea and worming treatment, etc etc. It sounds like you have money which is great but even so, it will be a drain on your resources regardless. You will need a lot of quiet time and peace to get on with essays and assignments and dogs don't give a crap about that - I find it hard studying st home with my dog because he can be loud, demanding and I constantly have to consider him in everything I decide to do, even if I just want to meet up with a friend or something simple. Wait til you're done with uni and then reevaluate, would be my advice. You're going to have enough on your plate as it is.

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