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    Hi guys i need help. I got offers from both aston and keele for Mpharm but i am not sure which one I should go for. Please help which is better?

    (Original post by Apple Core)
    Hi guys i need help. I got offers from both aston and keele for Mpharm but i am not sure which one I should go for. Please help which is better?

    Both Keele and Aston are really good universities so whichever you choose you'll get good teaching out of them. I'm going to be biased as I study at Keele and don't know much about Aston but I'll try to help out the best I can I'll write about Keele specifically and hopefully someone from Aston will be able to tell you the similarities and differences so you can compare.

    - The size of the year is quite small around 115 students in a year group, which gets split up into 50%, 33% and 25% groups depending on whether we're having lectures, interactive workshops, labs, dispensing sessions, etc. I think this is really good because it is more likely for the lecturer to get to know you as an individual and spot when you're having difficulty or starting to nod off in a 9am lecture 😂(Keele is nice though they realise we're students and 9am starts are rare we usually start at 10am).
    - The first year of the course is concentrated on getting everyone to the same level once you're in the course they don't mind if you've forgotten all of your Alevel bio, chem and maths; they quickly go over the basics from the beginning again before going on to the university level topics and so long as you put in the work first year goes by so fast.
    - You probably saw our facilities on your interview day, all of the rooms you saw including the dispensing suite is used from your first year which really helps compliment your learning in the lectures and workshops.
    - All of the lectures are posted on the KLE (online learning website thing) beforehand so you can have a look over it and print it out for the lecture. Recently a lot of the lecturers have starting filming their lectures on youtube so you can make notes in your own time and then in the lecture they do mini quizzes to see how much you've learnt and there is an opportunity to ask questions. This really helps for revision.
    - Almost all of the text needed to revise and complete the assignments are available as ebooks through the university's library website or as hard copies in the library. I'm in my third year and haven't bought a single textbook so far as there's always free access to them. The library is brilliant it's open 24/7 during term time and has silent study, group study and computer areas.
    - There's plenty of support available if you're having trouble it's almost impossible to keep track of all of them! You will get: a buddy who is a pharmacy student in one of the above years when you arrive; an ementor who is also a pharmacy student in the years above who will be available after your Alevel results day; a personal tutor who is one of the lecturers; a portfolio tutor who helps you with your professional portfolio (an assignment we have every year it's basically the CPD reflective thing qualified pharmacists have to do) and I'm sure I'm forgetting one but those are the main ones in the course. The university also has support available outside the school of pharmacy there's the student support group, free counselling, tech support, ASK which is an independent advice giving service, disability support, careers and applications support, resident support, 24/7 security team and that's all I can think of off the top of my head 😂
    - The course is always adapting depending on the needs of the students and how pharmacy as a whole is developing. For example, I spoke with a current first year students recently and they told me that they've moved some topics in 2nd year into 1st year as we've given feedback to the staff that the gap between 1st and 2nd year was too big so they've sorted that out now.
    - Pretty much every Keele graduate gets a pre reg place and passes the pre reg exam. They help out on applications and continue to help you during the pre reg year even though technically you've left Keele.

    In terms of the university in general:
    - We've been first in student satisfaction in England for 2 years in a row and plenty of other cool achievements which are listed here https://www.keele.ac.uk/aboutus/factsandfigures/
    - Keele is a campus university with everything in one place (accommodation, library, teaching buildings, shops, cafes, a pharmacy, a GP surgery, a gym, etc) so it feels very homely.
    - We have a pretty campus with woods and countryside and lakes so you can show off with great pics haha
    - We have a reputation for having friendly students and I've made some of my best ever friends here from the UK and all over the world.
    - The campus feels very safe.
    - All the major supermarkets are easy to get to by bus and Birmingham, Manchester and London are easy to get to by train. I often visit Manchester to eat out and shop it's just 40 mins away.
    - I genuinely like it here and wouldn't change unis if it were possible to time travel and get the grades for my first choice uni which incidentally was Aston but I live in Birmingham and my main reason for putting it first was the distance tbh.

    That's all I can think of at the moment sorry for the essay haha. If you have any questions for me or want anything clarifying then ask away I'm happy to help.

    Third year pharmacy student at Keele
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