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    I've just had a therapy session with my psychotherapist, and after having such a positive week, these series of events have led me to believe I can achieve and succeed (educationally and in my future career).

    I'm a recent graduate, and I have had many struggles throughout my life (disabilities, hinderances, mental health issues), and from a working class background (to reference my class).

    Thing is, we discussed it, and she indicated to me that she feels that the class system in the UK is so deeply ingrained in our society that it is an issue. She said she doesn't really believe in it. I quite agree, I don't believe in it, from the perspective of I feel it stifles progress and puts people in boxes. I don't agree with it in principle- in practise it just doesn't work. I know of plenty of very prominent figures in my hometown, that came from very poor families and are self-made business people. Very wealthy. So in this sense, I don't feel the class system is accurate. I don't believe that you stay in the class you were born- if you take the class system as gospel that is.

    It may work as a concept in theory, but in reality plenty of people have achieved and continue to strive highly- irrespective of class. I feel people should be valued on their own merits- their own abilities and their own determination. Not on something so arbitrary as class.

    What do you all think?
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    I do agree that the class system is something which is very prominent in society, however, I think I'd argue that the lines between the different classes are becoming more blurred than they used to be - it's much harder to cut and dry put people into the different classes, particularly because more people should be situated in a lower class due to background, but have made something of themselves which puts them up a bit.
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    Read The Making of the English Working Class by E.P Thompson - great book.

    I think the class system exists but I'm not sure what those classes are anymore. The three classes model, the 8 classes model that the BBC mentioned recently or maybe some other model? I don't know what the social structure is now
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