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I was just invited for an Imperial College London's skype interview by the Electrical and Electronic Engineering department. I have previously given a couple of interviews for universities in the US. However, they are quite casual to be very honest with not many questions on course related stuff as well. How are the interviews in the UK and what are their general points of focus?

I had applied to 4 choices in Imperial, as I wasn't very interested in attending a university in the UK in the first place(I'm sorry if this offends anyone). Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Physics, Physics with Theoretical Physics, and Mechanical Engineering. If I had a choice, I'd pick Mechanical as my true interest lies in that. If I go further in the admissions process for Mechanical/Physics/Physics with Theoretical Physics, will they also be offering me a separate interview, or will I only be getting one, which is from the Electrical Department as already offered? In this case, should I only talk about Electrical and seem as though I have not applied to any other courses at the same university?

I am looking for tips to crack this interview and anything on that would be great. I'm assuming since I am an international student I have received this via Skype and not in person. My AS Level was Math, Physics, Chem, Accounting and Economics(5A's). Do they ask any subject related questions, as in the email they did mention they would look to go into a couple of "technical" things, or this is technical in the sense of my understanding and problem-solving skills of everything I've mentioned in my Personal Statement?

Thank you in advance.

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