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What did you take for your gcse's


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Triple Science, English maths history geography catering, philosophy
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Compulsory: Triple Science, Maths, English Lit + Lang
Options: French, Geography, Latin, Drama, Russian (bilingual), Add Maths
Maths, English Lit, English Lang, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Computing, French (iGCSE), Spanish (iGCSE)
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Maths, English Language, English Literature, RE, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, German, Geography and ICT
Maths, English Lit, English Lang, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, German, Drama
Took H.E. (Home Economics aka Food Tech) as a GCSE, but dropped it before the exams.

Was advised by school to take 9 GCSE's because of of my health :smile:
Compulsory: English Literature, English Language, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Religious Studies

Options: French, German, History, Art, Business

Extras: Statistics, Addtional Maths FSMQ
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Compulsory: English Language, English Literature, Maths, RE, Spanish
Options: Triple Science, Geography, French
Compulsory: English Lit and Lang and maths
Options: French, Geography, Triple Science, RE (dumb choice), Philosophy (which is level 3 so sort of equiv to AS level)
Compulsory: Maths, Statistics, English Language, English Literature and Triple Science (I could have choosen double)
Options: History, German, Philosophy and Ethics and Business Studies
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History, triple science :smile:
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English Language - Compulsory
English Literature - Compulsory
Maths - Compulsory
IGCSE Triple Science/OCR Double Science (the science department changed it to OCR half way through year 10 because it was apparently 'too hard' - Compulsory
Physical Education - Choice
Religious Education - Compulsory
Spanish - Compulsory
Geography - Choice
ICT (DiDA) - Compulsory
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RE, English Lit, English Lang, Maths, Music
Triple Science, History, French, Computer Science!
i took 12 gcses cannot remember what but i took them way back in 2002
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14 GCSEs
Triple science, maths, Further maths, German, French, IT, Psychology, RS, Geography, History, English Lit, English Lang
Was good fun... :biggrin:
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Compulsory: Maths, English Lang & Lit, Triple Science & R.E
Optional: Media Studies, BTEC Art, History, Geography & 'Leadership' (a sort of P.E course)

Oh & I took Spanish as a GCSE at college!
Compulsory: Lang/lit, maths, double science, ICT, RE
I chose: German, French and Geography. Best decision of my life so far :h:
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Compulsory: Triple Science (IGCSE), English Lang and Lit (IGCSE), Maths, Further Maths and MFL (I chose French which incidentally was another IGCSE)

Options: Geology, Economics, Geography, History and Classical Civilisation

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Triple science, maths, English Lang and Lit, French, History, RS, Music and Btec PE!
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