4 highers or 5 highers dilemma

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I have a dilemma and do not know what to do. I am currently studding 5 highers and hope to go to university. To be offered a place at the lower level universities that i am considering applying for, I need to get AABB at higher- including maths and physics.

I received my prelim results back and I did very bad, 25% in Maths and 45% in Chemistry (I was surprised at this as I did not study at all for chemistry and thought that I was good at maths). In my other 3 subjects I am on track to do well. When I received these results I panicked as I was not sure if I would manage to get a good enough grade in higher maths as I am right now.

I have 2 best options, either carry on doing 5 highers and have to try very hard and hope that it is enough to boost my Maths grade my miles, or I could drop Chemistry and focus on trying to get a good score on only 4 highers (I would drop chemistry as it is the subject that I find most challenging).

Doing 5 highers would be much harder and I run the risk of not being able to increase my maths grade, but 5 highers would look much better for universities and if I done well I could be considered for a higher level of university.

Doing 4 highers would be much easier and I would be more likely to achieve the grades that I need, but when applying for universities i would be more challenged to get in against the many people who did 5 highers.

What should i do?
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Hi! I'm assuming that you are in Scotland and follow the Scottish education system.
It really is up to you. Having done higher maths, I can tell you that it comes with practice, I think the problem is that the majority found last years higher maths' paper very challenging (me included). Therefore schools are now trying to prepare you guys for any unpredictability. Don't be disheartened! This years maths exam will definitely be easier!
Regarding competition, I can also guarantee you that regardless of how competitive the course is, there will be people with a string of As and 6/7 highers.
But if you're really struggling, you can always take an additional higher in S6. As long as the course doesn't specify that you need five highers in one sitting.
If you are planning to study Advanced higher physics, chemistry can be very useful.
Don't be disheartened by your prelim results! Its just prelims!
Good luck

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