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    I suffer from GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and depression. There are days when I'm so anxious I can't think straight or focus on anything. It gets terrifying at times to the point that I think I will go insane and start hearing voices or see things they don't exist. I also have trouble taking care of myself, I will do it but I need to push myself daily not to neglect basic things. If I wasn't seeing a therapist, I'd probably harm myself (I don't and I haven't)

    I hide the above relatively well. Insofar as someone in my environment knows there's anything wrong with me, it's because I've let them in. Otherwise, nobody knows.

    Still, I have not been with a girl for a long time because of my health. I don't want to trust someone with my problems and then have her think I'm a loser or a freak. I had such an experience in the past and don't want to relive it. There are some girls who are attracted to "broken" guys because they want to "fix" them. I've known a girl like that and I trusted her with my problems. At first she was really understanding and nice but, slowly, as she started realising how severe such problems are, dumped me and doesn't even care to talk to me anymore (sadly, I do even though it's clearly bad for me).

    I was either in love with her or just deeply infatuated, I can't figure out which because it was only for 6-7 months. But when she left me, my depression spiralled out of control and I haven't recovered ever since.

    The girls who don't like guys with mental problems are the best because they'll let you down very early and it will only hurt a little. The girls who want to fix you and then find out later that we're not in a romantic movie and that mental problems are really serious, get very frustrated with you and blame you for everything that's wrong in your life. At that point however, you'd have already developed strong feelings toward them and therefore feel the worst you have ever felt.

    So wouldn't it better if I just hide the way I feel? (as I said, I can do it really well)


    Not really. In the end you want someone you can love and be yourself with right? Someone who loves you for you? So why would you hide such a huge thing about yourself from them? I can understand not telling them too quickly, as it may put them off, but I wouldn't suggest lying or keeping it from them long-term.

    Perhaps you should focus more on getting your anxiety and depression under control for now, and seek a relationship later on? It's never a good idea to enter into a relationship when you're feeling unstable, it can make you a lot worse, as I'm sure you've experienced in the case of your ex.

    No. If its so severe, it will be out one day or another. Its better to just before getting into a relationship so that you both accept each other as you are.
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    yes. hide it.

    I hide my autism because people in general will alienate you no matter how hard you try.

    I always envy people who are 'normal' human beings .
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