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    If you do any of these subjects how are they, do you enjoy them, what do you learn and do you enjoy it
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    (Original post by Raaaachelll)
    If you do any of these subjects how are they, do you enjoy them, what do you learn and do you enjoy it
    I do English Literature on AQA

    At AS we did Victorian Literature (although other modules were WW1 lit and the struggle for identity) with two pieces of coursework (one comparative and one about a single text) There was quite a bit of wider reading for the exam, but we ended up doing a lot of it in class anyway.
    At A2 we do Love Through The Ages and a Shakespeare study, with exam texts being taken from all styles and the coursework comparing Shakespeare to two other texts

    I really like Lit, and while the style of the essays takes a while to grasp and AS can seem like a big jump up, it does follow quite well from the skills of GCSE

    I do English Lit and Geography! It's a slightly strange choice to do together, but the essay writing skills which I assume you have from English help hugely in Geography whereas everyone else in my class struggles with them as they tend to do science subjects. I personally love lit, and if you like analysing the deeper meaning in EVERYTHING then you'll also like it. However, if you think some stuff sounds stupid at GCSE, then it's probably not for you at A-Level. There's a lot of wider reading, and in my case, every quote has to have some sort of literary device, such as sibilance or enjambement to get a good grade!! I'm currently studying 1984, Hamlet, A Streetcar Named Desire and Paradise Lost, all of which I really enjoy!!

    How good is your memory? If you struggle with GCSE Geography or don't enjoy it then please don't take it at A-Level, as there is quite a lot of information that just gets thrown at you. It's interesting though, as some topics (especially the physical sides) get carried over to A-Level so you feel slightly more confident!!
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    (Original post by Raaaachelll)
    If you do any of these subjects how are they, do you enjoy them, what do you learn and do you enjoy it
    I did English Literature and Philosophy (& Ethics [Religious Studies]).

    I did enjoy them, even though RS was my hardest subject. I am now studying both subjects at undergraduate level.

    For both subjects, you just generally learn how to think differently about the world around us that has come and gone.

    I was also with AQA A, but I studied WW1 Literature for the first year, including that for coursework and exam. It was kind of interesting learning and reading about all the different sides of war; perspectives of the women; mothers and wives, fiancees; the soldiers and different rankings. It was a blast. However, by the time it got to exam stage, I really got sick and tired of WW1 Literature and since then (5 years ago from Sept) I have only managed to buy 1 WW1 text and nothing else. I read so much of it, I don't feel like I'd gain anything new from reading another one.
    At A2, we studied the different aspects of love in literature which was interesting. We had more choice at A-level and it was very varied. I got to choose 1 text out of 3 for my coursework and didn't focus on love, but instead on a topic that I chose which was insanity and morality. I love transgressive literature. I enjoyed A2 a lot more than I did at AS.

    For RS, we studied practically Philosophy of Religion throughout the whole 2 years for the Philosophy side. So we didn't study anything like Epistemology or Political Philosophy that you might do with just the normal Philosphy A-level. The rest of the A-level we studied Moral Philosophy which is basically looking at Ethics and what it means to be good and bad in this world. Things such as is war necessary? How moral is sexuality. Looked at morality in children - are we born with knowing what is morally good or are we taught it from early on. We also looked at business ethics and environmental ethics which was nonsense. We did look at Utilitarianism and Kantian Ethics too.

    RS was my hardest subject during my A-levels because it's not an easy subject to grasp, but I enjoyed it as equally as Lit and didn't want to give it up!
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