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Is it time to do away with the Marxist establishment that is The BBC? watch

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    It's patently obvious to see the BBC is biased by omission or just plainly biased - anyone with an internet connection, a rational mind, and an ability to analyse, can gather facts supporting their arguments.

    Alas, I'll point a few out. Do you remember Godfrey Bloom and his comments surrounding 'bongo bongo land'? A simple search unearths 74 news items on the BBC about this story, as well as numerous features - which will have appeared across broadcasts - and video clips. 74 news items. The BBC is solely responsible for creating connotations between UKIP and racism - why? Because they defy the Marxist status quo and opposed mass immigration.

    Take even the coverage in relation to the candidate who made comments about SSM and the weather A simple search for 'site:bbc.co.uk "ukip" "floods" "gay marriage"' brings back 39 results.

    Yet, what of Labour's misdemeanours? Take Dianne Abbot and her comments 'white people love to play divide and rule', or Jack Dromey calling a Royal Mail worker a pikey, or Jeremy Corbyn hosting a gender segregated rally, or the Labour Party candidate who sent 40+ homophobic text messages to his opponent after he lost to him at the GE, or the former head of a Neo-Nazi movement who is a Labour councillor up North, never mind all of Labour's BNP defectors.

    Where is it? Any of it? Nada, at least relative to UKIP.

    It's pretty easy for anyone with a bias to confirm to fail to take exception to this, and I'm sure they will hide behind any number of narratives - but the facts are self-evident.

    How about the coverage around the Charleston shootings? According to the BBC, it was a 'hate crime', they even managed to get their 'systemic racism' plug from Obama. Yet, when it came to the Virginia shootings (black perpetrator this time!), where was the condemnation? What do we get...not a single mention of racism.

    The Telegraph reported on the hate filled rant left by the perpetrator as he left the scene - his actions were clearly motivated by race. But nothing from the BBC.

    Where was the coverage from the BBC in relation to Cytheria, a white woman who was gang raped in her home in-front of her children by multiple black perpetrators? Where were the narratives on race as we witnessed with Charleston? Is rape not as serious as murder? How many articles did the BBC provide on this topic? 0.

    Why is the BBC allowed to interview people who make comments like 'this is a great day for black Britain'? Why is such a racist statement allowed to be broadcast? Why is the BBC allowed to promote the notion of 'black culture'? Why is it permissible for the BBC to have entire radio stations devoted to 'black music'? By extension, can we have entire stations devoted to 'white music' in Nigeria?

    Can you imagine the reaction if any of this was reversed?

    Check out this troll video on the game second life where he finds someone who actually works for the BBC.


    Listen to that smug git.
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