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The media is to blame for the prosperity of ISIS watch

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    Below is quite a long argument for how ISIS has used the media of the west to help its radicalisation, please read all of it if you're going to, but if not there is a tldr version.

    The so-called 'Islamic State' alone as a fighting force poses a non-existent threat to the west. But the reason that they have become so dangerous is because they are capable of radicalising foreign Muslims into committing terrorist attacks in their name.

    Many of the Paris attackers were French nationals, the San Bernardino shooting was done by two American Muslims, the Tunisia beach attack was done by a Libyan student - and we are always hearing of stories about how some 15-25 year old Muslim was arrested for planning to carry out an attack in the name of ISIS.

    The point is, they can basically make foreigners do attacks for them. But if you look at the bigger picture, their two deadliest attacks combined don't even amount to one fifth of the death toll of Al-Qaeda's worst attack on western soil. ISIS are no particular threat because of their capabilities, their most sophisticated confirmed attack only killed 130 people, which is minimal compared to the death toll on 9/11 of 2,996. Terrorist groups of equal, if not worse capabilities have existed for decades.

    But ISIS has developed this almost unique way of manipulating weak-minded foreign nationals who are also Muslims that they are the true supporters of Islam.

    The reason for this is the media. There has been unending coverage of the atrocities that ISIS does in Syria, and beyond this we are constantly told about the foreigners who are sneaking into Syria or Iraq and joining them.

    News sources like the Daily Express, the Daily Mail are constantly posting articles which indirectly glorify them like this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...l?ito=embedded

    Fox News even went as far as publishing the video of the Jordan pilot being murdered by IS. I wouldn't be surprised if this video was responsible for several cases of radicalisation, it's simply too easy to go online and see what ISIS have been doing. Previously, you would have to go very deep into the internet to find these sorts of videos, but now just about every single news site is showing what ISIS is doing.

    The media is responsible for the over exaggeration of what ISIS actually is, I mean they are just a particularly rich terrorist group, we have been living under the threat of attack for decades from the same, if not worse threats. This exaggeration has essentially spread the ISIS message and has manipulated foreigners into doing these attacks / joining them, AND SIMULTANEOUSLY has made citizens unnecessarily scared.


    ISIS as a standalone fighting force poses a non-existent threat to us.

    ISIS aren't particularly sophisticated in their techniques compared to Al-Qaeda or any other terror groups which have already existed, (9/11 killed 8x the number of people that the Metrojet bombing and Paris attacks killed combined).

    Many of the attacks in the 'name of ISIS' are actually done by foreigners inspired by ISIS.

    The source of this inspiration comes from the irresponsible media, a good example of this is the following Daily Mail article (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...l?ito=embedded), this is particularly the case given that in the past when Al-Qaeda was more prominent, we couldn't just hop onto the Daily Mail or Daily Express and find well documented footage of their atroscities

    I disagree. Because of social media and such like, word about their activity would spread regardless. And because of social media, recruitment and training videos would also spread regardless.

    Perhaps it is in much the same way as when there is a mass shooting in the states or a terrorist attack abroad. There's always something experts who say don't broadcast about it, don't cover it, and certainly don't name the suspects or perps who did it. It obviously that'll never happen. These things will happen regardless, perhaps it doesn't help to have extensive media coverage.

    ISIS wouldn't attack the west head on, obviously, but they might attack though infiltration which is a current concern. So it's not entirely true that they are not a threat to us over here.
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