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Do you think this world would be better or worse without religion? watch


    (Original post by ♥Samantha♥)
    Well I guess. But I still thing bad people will find a different cause. and then we'd just be in the same situation and we don't know who is genuine or not. And there are some good things religion can bring. Faith can help people in bad situations and helps people not give up hope. Faith itself isn't bad, though obviously faith and organised religion are different things.

    Though I'm saying the world wouldn't be better off without religion I don't necessarily think it would be worse either.
    There will always be bad people and good people. You can't ever assume that there's never going to be bad people, sure ,there may be for a short period of time but isn't sustainable. Religion or no religion.

    The fact is a good stable family support system and upbringing overcomes most problems in society. And **** will always go down because some people will have had a **** up bringing or emotional neglect off their families. Religion claims to fix it but it's known to tear families apart.

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    (Original post by Barney6262)
    Furthermore, religion restricts the progress of science and engineering. Our world would be a much more advanced place if it was not for religion claiming science is blasphemous and therefore is condemned. Even recently, stem cell research had its progress slowed by movements from the religious. Even though it has recently found a cure for some MS patients.

    If religion was proved to be incorrect tomorrow, our world would be a better place for it.
    Your view is very simplistic and largely false, the idea of religion being anti progress is nonsense and stems from a lack of understanding of history in general and certain historic events.

    Whilst Europe was in a "Dark Age" the Islamic world was the center of learning and innovation particularly in the fields of Mathematics, Astronomy and Medicine. The City Bagdad was the world's leader in intellectual thinking and complex engineering works until the Mongols devastated the City and the area

    In Medieval Europe Monks and Clergy were the most educated and the only actual intellectuals in society. They were the only people who could read, speak and write Latin and educated the ruling elite. It was the theologians who recorded and documented history, they were also at the forefront of philosophy and critical thinking. They actively practised a many range sciences in order to "better understand God" and the world they lived in.

    You'll quickly find the best Universities in Europe and the US foundations and creation stem from Christian learning.Why limit the word religion to conventional religions such as Islam and Christianity. The work of Plato and Archimedes flourished despite the universal belief in Greek Mythology. Religion does not promote anti-intellectuallism, It encourages it if anything.

    The biggest restriction to the progress of science and engineering is Capitalism. There are billions of people in developing countries who's minds are unharvested because they're denied basic education and forced into economic slavery and a cycle of poverty whilst most of the scientific progress relies on funding and grants from reluctant western governments and important research is subject to the economic whims of self interested private business.

    I want to say better. But there are people who were completely mind boggled at the idea that I have morals without religion, as they themselves can't imagine not cheating on their partner, not stealing and not killing without knowing that if they do these things, they won't go to heaven. People genuinely told me this and were honestly surprised that I'm not just killing everyone around me. Idiots like this make me worry that without the fake threat of eternal punishment, there would be nothing but chaos on Earth.

    religion, like money, has the power to make otherwise good people do bad things

    Most religions are actually huge providers of charity in society, it's the hateful and extremists that need to be removed.

    (Original post by loveleest)
    I am agnostic, so I have two views of this, but I do know that religion makes people do good things in the fear of them going to hell if they don't, or so they can rewarded in the afterlife- heaven if they do.

    At the same time, I know that religion has caused many wars and conflict and I know that some parts of religion has many flaws that people ignore.

    -What is your opinion on this and why?
    the world would be worse off without religion.
    people are quick to diss religion because of the wars, fighting and nonsense they hear on the media.
    But the thing is, religion can genuinely save people. i'll give you an example. Say a close relative has died. Religion helps you find comfort and helps you grieve for that loved one.
    religion can make humans better people too.

    Better because a belief in religion is irrational.

    Better off. It gives people an excuse to be hateful and cynical. But I think there are pros to faith too... they're just not the things focused on.

    It would be worse if there was no religion ever but from this point, it would be better if there wasn't.
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