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    I started a new job a few weeks ago and was friendly with a male collegue who has a girlfriend, he's been with her a few years but from what he says there are some problems in their relationship. He was really really, friendly to me in the beginning and to be honest I did think he fancied me which made me feel bad as he had a girlfriend. It didn't go unnoticed by our collegues either. Then when he found out I had a child he seemed to cool down the friendliness for a few days but then went bak to the way he was. He isn't flirty, he just is very gentlemanly and will go out of his way to be nice to me and sit next to me. No matter where I am he will come in and chat. There are other new members of staff that he's also nice enough to but he definitely pays more attention to me. There are other reasons that suggest he likes me although I do think he just finds me attractive and doesn't want anything else. He does have a girlfriend.

    Well the last two weeks he has just started ignoring me completely. To the point of almost being rude which just isn't like him at all. He is even friendly to those he isn't that keen on. He will go to the staff canteen without asking me and will blatantly ask every one in the office! Two of our collegues asked us about why we had worked on a project in the same room and they were smiling and suggesting there was something odd. You could tell he was uncomfortable. I would have thought his two best friends would know him well and know he isn't into me.

    He's now pretty much ignoring me now and it's just not nice. He will still come in to talk at my desk every day which is contradictory to his other behaviour but anything not related to work he will avoid at all costs. I've never flirted with him so I can't have made him uncomfortable. Maybe he's just not interested in me in any way but he is friendly to everyone, so I'm not sure why I am being ignored specifically. I hope none of his friends has asked him if he likes me :-(

    What could be going on here? And am I best to just not try and make an effort to talk with him?

    It sounds as if he's trying to keep his distance because he is interested in you and/or people have mentioned to him that that's what it looks like and he doesn't want his girlfriend to find out, in saying that though we're only getting one side of the story. He may not be interested in you at all and was just being friendly but thinks he's given you the wrong impression
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