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Is it possible to get student finance + NHS Bursary if i do both degrees at same time watch

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    Im currently doing a degree in Financial Economics at a London uni.

    The degree is pretty easy and requires very little actual work tbh.
    (That's not a joke btw.
    As before this is spent 2 years doing a HND in public services, which actually required long essays, but for my currently degree 4 out of the 6 assignments were capped at 1 page of a4, so was very low work-load).

    Anyways im gna be starting my 2nd year in October 2016.
    However whilst I have a strong interest in economics, I know that I will never ever actually get a job as a stock-market trader for a hedge-fund or prop firm even if I got a 1st in this degree, since that job role no longer exists in the same way it did 10years ago.
    (Traders have now all been replaced by computer nerds who just create, programme and maintain complex computer algorithms to do the trading, So nothing at all like how trading used to be, as the job is simply for programmers now).

    And I have no interest whatsoever in working as an accountant or in the finance department of some kinda office.

    So whilst I do enjoy the degree, and would like to obtain the qualification due to how good itd look on my CV, plus for the fact that im getting £7,500 per year from student finance,
    I would now also like to do a different degree which would qualify me for a job that actually still exists! lol

    I am quite interested in the job of an Occupational Therapist, have looked at the 2 London unis that offer a degree in occupational therapy,
    and have used the NHS bursary calculator to check about funding for the degree.

    They say the tuition fees are free, even if you already have a degree,
    and everyone gets maintenance grant from NHS even if you have already gotten student finance money in previous years.
    However the grant is only £5,000 per year, which is pretty crap tbh.

    Im classed as ''a mature independent student'' since ive lived alone in privately rented flat since leaving age 18, and I work fulltime, so could theoretically afford to live on just my own salary + NHS 5k per year,
    however I would much prefer to instead take on a different combination.

    I have posted below the various combinations that I could do, ranked in order of my preference,
    but if anyone could let me know which combinations id actually be allowed to do whilst still getting student finance money + NHS bursary at same time, id greatly appreciate that-

    1) Economics degree (full-time) + Occupational Therapy degree (full-time) + Work full or part-time.

    2) Economics degree (part-time) + Occupational Therapy degree (full-time) + Work full or part-time.

    3) Economics degree (part-time) + Occupational Therapy degree (part-time) + Work full or part-time.


    Part-time degrees only qualify for the Tuition Fee Loan, so that discounts options 2 and 3 as you would stop getting your current £7500 a year.

    There's no way that option 1 would be feasible - even if you could find a uni willing to accept you for a second full-time OT degree (which is highly unlikely).

    Bear in mind that things will gear up in your second year. The first year is designed to bring everyone up to speed before you hit the years which contribute to your final degree grade. Just because you find the work undemanding now, doesn't mean that will continue.
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    Hello and thanks for your reply.

    If I do the OT degree as fulltime (ive looked and its only available as FT anyways), so I get the bursary from that,
    and simply just do the rest of my financial economics degree as part-time, so get no money from SF but do get tuition fee loan still for those 4years,
    would I actually be able to do that all via the UCAS website do you know??

    Like can the UCAS system allow you to register onto 2 degrees at the same time via just 1 UCAS account?


    I think the occupational therapy would be so full time that you would struggle to finish your other degree. Even of you made time where possible you are still likely to encounter a situation where you're going to have to be in two places at once.

    You can always do the occupational therapy degree afterwards, especially if it gives you funding as a student anyway for more years.

    What you could do is look into other courses at colleges. If your degree is leaving you with time to play with then you could train in an additional occupation at college. I trained as a beauty therapist whilst doing a masters. But yeah you could train as an accountant, chef etc etc. Another degree might be pushing it and you can always do that later whilst using the free time in other constructive ways now.
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    I'm sure someone posted a similar question not so long ago. Not too sure what the outcome was.

    What would happen with timetable clashes? Whilst they can change your seminars, they can't change lectures.

    It's recommended (at least the uni I was at) that you don't work for more than 16 hours a week. And that was one with the one full time degree.
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