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    After a decade on windows, moving to Mac was a pleasant surprise in terms of reliability - but also restrictive as it tries to hide a lot in order to look pretty. Only changed because of the Macbook Air being the best ultralight laptop back then, bar none.

    Back on Windows now (10) on a Surface 3 + desktop.

    Small adjustment period aside, the ONLY thing that frustrates me is Spotify not continuing to play when the Surface 3 screen goes into sleep mode. That's it. I've yet to see a blue screen of death (and the Mac was't immune from crashing either), it's fast, it sets up modern peripherals just as easily and hides just as much techie stuff as OS X. It looks pretty and works. I used to miss the trackpad on the Air (which is genuinely great) - but now whenever i use any laptop, i find myself trying to swipe and pinch the screen - spoiled by the surface

    Sure, the Surface is a premium product - but it's still cheaper than an equivalent Apple.
    As for the desktop (DIY), on a value per £ basis, it knocks spots off Apple.

    For the average person - and that means almost everyone - it makes no difference which you pick.
    I'd move back to Apple in a heartbeat if it offered anything life - improvingly better or smaller than i have right now. They don't.

    (Original post by Ryanx623)
    We're referencing Windows 8/8.1 and 10, both off which have a plethora of issues.
    Windows 8 is just, in my opinion, a total wreck that should never have been released. 8 in particular wouldn't let you boot to desktop (Windows 8.1 does) and had no convenient way of getting from desktop to Metro, without constantly hitting the Windows key on your keyboard. 10 is better as it is more familiar to me than 8 is (it feels more like 7, due to having the start menu back), it's got a nice search bar on the desktop, which searches the web (with or without Cortana)and is just more suited to desktop computers than windows 8/8.1 is. Alright, in my opinion, nothing will ever beat windows 7 for the desktop, but 10 is better than 8 and 8.1.

    In short - none
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