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I went over to this guys house... I'm not quite sure what happened here? watch


    (Original post by Twinpeaks)
    When you **** a woman you **** her? I'm shocked, big news there, when Mancini has sexual intercourse with a woman he... Has sexual intercourse with a woman.

    Are you trying to say that you don't do anything to warm the woman up, no foreplay. So you don't care about satisfying the woman in any way, you just do the whole in and out and that is it?
    In your life dry humping is foreplay, I understand. In my life dry humping is something you do when you are a youngster and messing around under the sheets. I'm not a youngster, I don't dry hump, feel free to enjoy it yourself though.

    (Original post by Darien91)
    There's nothing she "should" have done.. other than maybe let him down a bit more gently. I don't know the full story. We don't know what was said before hand or done in that room, maybe she did lead him on somewhere along the line, maybe hinting at sex in texts or feeling him up and being really into it and one point then suddenly changing her mind which is why he's taking it hard. Maybe this always happens to him so it affects him more? maybe he's angry with himself for thinking he's put OP off? we don't know

    Like I said no she's not obligated to do anything with the guy and he is acting like a *****, I'm literally just answering her question
    yeah fairs

    tricky situation, which you could probably say is 'avoidable' but ngl easier said than done
    I feel like if I was in that situation I would have 'continued' as she did to see if that would get me feeling it lmao IT'S HARD


    although I would kind of hope the person I'd be with in this hypothetical situation with would be able to lol* with me about this then and there

    *as in understand and be nice about it

    (Original post by Twinpeaks)
    Sorry Joe, but I don't want to engage in the act of dry humping with you because the thrusting of your clothed crotch upon parts of my clothed body does not really appeal to my sexual desires, and so I gain no sexual gratification from it. However please do not feel offended, this is simply a reflection of the act itself, and nothing to do with your attractiveness and appeal.

    Scrotgrot, please don't tell me that you think a group trend such as emotional intelligence applies to every member of that social group. Pls tell me you do know that there are individual differences within that group?

    How's your feminist girlfriend btw.
    Sounds like a considerate enough, if studiedly awkward, way to put it. I would drop the passive aggressive tone and just say, "sorry I'm not feeling it right now, how about we lie down and cuddle for a bit and then try again".

    Yes of course ... I was mainly being facetious, let's not forget it's mainly people trying to make out that women are better than men who bang on about women's superior emotional intelligence, so I'm just playing off that really.

    The feminist girlfriend is happy and well sexed thank you. Incidentally I have often used the above sort of line on her when not really in the mood, without making it into a gender issue.

    (Original post by Darien91)
    You blue balled him and offended him by saying you weren't turned on
    duh right lol

    I would've...

    mmm. I would've taken that.
    I'm kidding
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