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Depressed Girlfriend wants a break watch

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    I've been going out with my current girlfriend for 1 year and 2 months. She suffers from depression. This past Sunday, she invited me out and we walked around the city. She was worrying about something. She said she didn't know how to tell me. She finally admitted that she wanted to take a break. The memories are hazy but I remember roughly along the lines of...

    'I don't think this can work'
    'I can't handle a relationship right now'
    'I've been thinking about this for a few months'
    'I still love you'

    I'm 20 and living in London. We both went Uni together last year. I dropped out after my 1st year. She's still a 2nd year uni student. She's an international student as well. Suffers from depression. Pretty much stays inside her room when she doesn't have lectures. Feels very lazy to get out of bed. Sometimes messes up her food timings.

    During our relationship since September, I've met up with her on average of once every two weeks. She seemed like she had fun. She told me she loved me a couple times. I asked her quite often, is there anything on your mind? She's quite the closed book. If I ask her if there is anything on her mind she worries about, she doesn't want to tell me. I can get that. She can tell me when she feels there's enough trust there between us.

    Since mid-January, I hardly saw her because she was busy with exams, coursework etc. I'd try calling her once a day but she'd be too busy some times but we'd be able to talk to each other over the weekend.

    We both celebrated New Year's Eve and my birthday (Jan 4th) together. I felt we were both close and I felt she was comfortable. May I was wrong.

    She seems to want to take a break from us. I get that. If she's toiling with thoughts in her mind and I'm in the way of her happiness, I'm not stopping her. I'm meeting up with her tomorrow to chat about things and get it all out in the open if possible.

    What should I talk about tomorrow? I really want to rectify, or at least accelerate her recovery from this situation. What should we discuss to help this situation? I do love her and will do what I can to treat her well. I'm willing to take a break and I told her I'll wait till September.

    Girlfriend wants easy way out of relationship

    ; Lets go on a break
    ; I still care about you
    ; We can still be friends
    ; It's just my illness.

    Sorry lad tough world

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