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    Hi, i am a year 11 student choosing between a sixth form and a college. I am incredibly stuck on the descission so thought to seek out some advice. Basically i attend a rather small school of around 1300 people (130 in my year.) and the school has a sixth form attached to it, the sixth form is very small and only has around 100 people in it total so they take in around 50 people a year. Ever since year 7 i have thought i would go to the sixth form as it is only a 10 minute walk away and i know all of the teachers. I have very good relationships with my teachers as i have known all of them and always attend extra cirricular activities that they run. The a levels i am plannign on taking are: maths, further maths, computer science, physics. The only teacher i would have that i am not to fond of is the physics teacher as i find him rather borring. Also four of my friends are also going to attend the sixth form however they are not my bestfriends we are just alright friends. So logically i would attend the sixth form as i know the teachers its close and some friends are going. However they teach maths so that you would do your maths modules and further maths modules side by side which i am not a fan of as it means 12 maths exams at the end of year 13. My other option is a college which is a lot further away (20 minute bus) and it is much bigger, they take in around 500 people a year. Personally i dont mind there being a lot fo people as it makes it mroe socially appealing however there is a limit of 20 people to a class wereas at the sixth form the limit is 10, so the class sizes would be bigger. Also my closest friend is attending the college but it is only him going so i would have less friends attending. I also wouldnt know any of the teachers, however i think this could be a good thing as it means that i would feel less like a student because i have been building up a teacher-student relationship with my school teachers for the past five years and if i got teachers i would feel less like a student. Also one of the only things keeping me at the sixth form is a weird sense of responsibility that i think i have towards going to the sixth form. So surely if thats the main reason then i must think that the college is the better option. The college gets slightly better grades however i want to attend a good university such as cambridge and the college has an honours programme that could help me. Thurfermore the college does there maths a level better as you do all 6 maths modules on yoru first year and sit all the exams first year then your further maths second year, so if i didnt achieve the grades i wanted to in maths i coudl drop further maths and retak. So basically whats your guys opinions, im really stuck
    Thanks you

    Depends what grades you want and if you want to feel more like an adult.

    My college doesnt care about grades so long as you get into the A*-C bracket for softer subjects and the A*-E bracket for harder ones. They're paid the same regardless of your grade, so they dont put as much effort in. The Oxbridge applicants were left to fend for themselves as were the RG applicants. However you are treated more like an adult, you can wear what you like and nobody judges you. No detentions etc, but you can be kicked off your courses.

    Sixth form, you've got detentions and its still school, you'll have a dress code probably, but the teachers do actually care about your grades because its a reflection on them and they get paid bonuses for all the A*/A's, also they're more inclined to help you get into Oxbridge because it heightens their reputation and the school's. Also less people means smaller classes, which tends to mean better teaching.

    It also depends on where you feel more comfortable and the people around you.
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