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Hey all,

I got a first class degree in Biological Sciences and I'm currently seeking advice about the application process, Universities in London which people may have advice to look at (the main one I'm looking at right now is UCL) and the general idea of how it really is (workload, day structure, professor-student relationships etc). I am specifically interested in Cell and Molecular Biology, I got some voluntary experience and planning to get a longer project to broaden my research experience and build contacts. Also, if it is appropriate can you please how you have been supporting yourself during the Masters/PhD as I currently need ideas of what I need to be doing as I am unemployed at the moment.
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Masters: you'll either have to self fund, get a career development loan or a scholarship. You may also want to look at the new postgrad load scheme. I don't know enough about it to advise you. These degrees are fairly intensive and a mix of lab work and theory unless you do an MRes which may be more suitable if you want a science career. Timetables will vary by uni but expect to be at uni 9-5 and to have to catch up on reading and coursework in the evenings. MSc degrees are taught, MRes' are research based so your relationship with your profs will vary accordingly.

PhD: either apply for a funded project or pick a project and see if someone will apply for funding with you. It's generally not a good idea to do an unfunded PhD. This is essentially like a job with about 4-6 weeks of holiday in the year. If funded you'll be paid a stipend. Current rates are approx £13-14k everywhere except London which is £15-16k. You don't pay taxes. Your relationship with your supervisor is crucial to your success so choose wisely based on what you need from them and your working style.

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