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Currently, I am in Yr9 and I have to choose my GCSEs by Feb 10.
In my options booklet there is only one subject you can choose in each box.

I really don't know which subject will benefit me more Sociology or ICT. I asked my friends and other people which is better, but they say that for ICT, it is easy to get a good grade, but with Sociology it would look better when I apply for a job later.

Please help!!

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At this stage, what you should be thinking of more than anything is which subject you are interested in, will enjoy and could imagine yourself studying for the next two years.

I wouldn't worry too much about jobs, as the specific GCSE options you choose very rarely affect employment or university applications (as long as you have English lang, Maths and some form of science, which are usually compulsory). For example, I chose arts subjects for my GCSE options and am now holding an offer to study medicine at uni, proving that you don't have to make decisions about career options/uni at this stage! If you plan on doing A-levels after your GCSEs, this is when there may be a need to choose your courses based on what you want to do career-wise, but you have lots of time to think before that!

My advice would be to ask yourself what you *want* to do, and go with that, because there's no point studying a subject you don't like or are no good at for two years, just because you think it'll look good! Pick what you'd be happy with

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