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:auto:Welcome to Motoring! :auto:

If you're an avid motorist and have a need for speed, you will love it in here! Whether you're looking for info on how to get the best car insurance, tips for saving petrol or advice on buying a new car it's all in here!

What types of conversation can I find in the Motoring forum?

Anything and everything related to the cars, driving and motoring! If you love to get behind the wheel or hop on your motorbike then this is the place for you!

If you're learning to drive, then pop into the Learning to Drive sub-forum for tips, advice and support!


I would like to start a society in Motoring- how would I go about doing this?

We currently have some fantastic societies, such as the Motorbike society, if you want to start a society of your own, all you need to do is set up a thread as normal with info on what the society will be all about and simply alert a member of the Community Team or Support Team and we can highlight the thread for you.

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Would you get in a car with a new driver?

Got any other questions?

Our lovely Support Team are about to help with any questions you might have- you can spot them by their purple usernames!

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