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I want to pursure a career in medicine and was wandering would Maths, Chem, Bio and Psychology be good alevel choices or should I pick Chem, Bio, Maths and Furthe Maths. I would rather pick my first choice as I would rather have those subjects and get good grades rather than hard subjects and get average grades as further maths is hard. Bearing in mind, I have started alevel maths a year early( already done gcse maths early) and will finish the course in year 12 so in year 13 I will do the AS further maths. Is further maths hard and more time consuming in terms of rvision than psychology?- I think the pressure of chem,bio maths and further maths will be too much and believe psychology is an interesting subject.
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I think you should stick with your first choice - maths, chemistry and biology are more than fine for Medicine and if you feel you'll enjoy psychology more than further maths then by all means do that. It's quite important to pick subjects you enjoy, you don't want to pick something that you'll have absolutely no desire to revise for - unnecessary stress if you ask me! I guess further maths could prove advantageous for some unis (perhaps... but don't quote me on that :P) but again you'll be fine with your first choice. I don't personally do further maths but my friends who do find it incredibly stressful and much more difficult than maths so really I don't think you should do it unless you want to. In fact I think doing AS further maths next year alongside maths/bio/chem/psychology will probably look better than just doing maths/further/bio and chem. Good luck!

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