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LSE MOG vs Imperial Mgmt vs St Andrews Mgmt watch

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    LSE - MSc Management, Organisation & Governance
    Imperial - MSc Management

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    Throughout the years I have come to this forum to look up anything study related - heck, even work related stuff. I'm now in somewhat of a dilemma. I applied to three schools for MSc and got accepted to all three.

    I have received offers for the following three programmes:
    MSc Management - Imperial
    MSc Management, Organisations and Governance - LSE
    MLitt Management - St Andrews

    I am not really considering St Andrews as it was more of a "test" application in the first place.

    I am faced with the dilemma of choosing between LSE and Imperial, which are both great schools. LSE maybe has a stronger reputation, slightly stronger links to industry and a better alumni base for someone potentially graduating within Management.

    However, the MSc Management programme at Imperial is more hands on with a stronger business focus. It grasps all upon all the different areas of business (from finance & accounting to operations) and involves a lot of group work.

    LSE on the other hand is more theoretical (as it tends to be), with the course focused more on the interaction of organisations in society with a number of electives - where I could choose finance, accounting, ops etc. The class is also smaller.

    I'm not sure LSE ----> Imperial is true in my case. Both are one year programmes. I opted not to apply to the 2-year LSE MiM programme due to its duration and cost, and MOG offered the benefit of a 1-year degree. The cost of both programmes is nearly identical.

    I am an EU student with a UK undergrad from a politics background going into financial services (already have placements lined up). I'm just not sure Imperial's overall reputation and programme holds up outside the UK as well as LSE's does whether it be in Europe, Asia or the US.

    What do you guys think? Is MOG at LSE too "political" to be attractive for employers & does Imperial hold up globally against LSE?

    Exciting times....

    The MOG course offered at LSE focuses more on the theoretical aspects of management and governance (think: sociology, philosophy...) whereas the MSc Management at Imperial seems to have a more holistic and hands-on approach on most aspects of (applied) business management - finance, management consulting...

    It depends on what potential careers you're looking at actually. I would think that the course at Imperial offers more opportunities towards corporate management/ entrepreneurship, whereas that of LSE is more theoretical and academic.

    I might be wrong because I didn't attend either of the courses but in this case I would personally go with Imperial, given that I've heard very positive comments regarding their career services.

    All the best!
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    Thanks for your quick reply! Yeah I got a good impression of their career service when I visited in November.

    Overall, Imperial has given a good impression but I feel stupid if I were to turn down LSE. In 10 years I'm not sure if the specific differences in modules will matter, but I may be wrong. However, it may be a dealbreaker for graduate placement within financial services/consulting although I have upcoming placements in both industries.

    Such a difficult decision to make.

    I went to the MiM programme session at LSE and was not impressed nearly as much. MOG, however, is a completely different programme and I have the option of choosing modules freely. So technically, I could add similar modules to those at Imperial and get a slightly similar experience out of MOG at LSE (albeit more theoretical and with modules in more polisci related subjects - which isn't a bad thing either).

    Something minor, but noteworthy: LSE allows me to pay after the registration DL. Imperial wants the first instalment not long after taking up the offer.
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