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Constantly getting put down by my friends watch

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    I'm in a group of 5 friends. 1 of them is fine to my face but a snake behind my back and he slept with my ex girlfriend days after we broke up. 1 I don't get along with at all and we've both agreed we don't like each other, we used to but he just started having a problem with me. And the last one is either really nice to me, like proper good friend but when he's with rest he's the main person who try's putting me down. Now the one who I don't get along with and the one who mainly puts me down always say things to me like I've changed because I'm in a relationship. Say I'm under thumb and that all I do is see my girlfriend which isn't true because I've got a full time job and only see her twice a week. I hardly go out anymore clubbing bcause it just doe at interest me as much and I stopped going out well before I got a girlfriend but they think just because I'm in a relationship I don't want to because my girlfriend won't allow me which isn't true. They just constantly put me down, say things about my girlfriend and say things about me. I'm 20 years old and it feel like I'm back at school. I've just had enough, I'm happy with my relationship and yeah maybe I don't see them much as I used to but I barely saw them anyway. I know that if I split up from my girlfriend I would have to run back to them but that's not case. I can take a joke or two because it's a lad thing to do but is just going too far abs I'm fed up. It's putting me down

    Don't ditch you're gf because they're being ********s, ditch them. You've got to think about which party make you happy, your so called 'friends' or your girl. Personally I'd say good riddance to the idiots and focus on being happy with the person you care about.

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    If they really were friends, they wouldn't keep putting you down like that.
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