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Hi, I've been having some awful stress and worry recently about the strong possibility of dropping out of my course after 3 years. I'm 22, studying computing and it's safe to say I'm struggling. I've never truly enjoyed the course, but that was to be expected as I hear a lot of uni is just getting through it. However I feel like I'm making up for being an immature 18 year old, pressured into 'finding my path' and choosing computing only because I kind of enjoyed IT at school.

I have no friends on my course. I mean actually zero. And I'm not an unsociable shy guy by any means, but without being mean, I am surrounded by 'nerdy computer types' of who I have barely anything in common. Despite this, I got good grades first year. In second year I failed my programming unit but in everything else I did really well. I have had to re do programming this year and it is ****ing impossible. No exaggeration, this unit was meant for people who had keen interest in the subject. People help each other but I have nobody. My lectures offer help but they seem to assume a certain level of base knowledge that I just don't have. Anyway I could go into the ins and outs of why it's hard all day but unless anyone can offer me an option besides paying someone to do my assignment due on the 23rd Feb, it looks like I'll be failing out this year.

The thought of this has me totally split. On the one hand i kind of welcome just going out and getting on with anything I damn want, without having to stress over doing things I don't even enjoy. On the other, I'm terrified of the stigma, of being a 22 year old with nothing to show for it. I'm a clever guy, who could have probably got a first in a course I actually had a passion for. Can anyone give me advice on what life might entail for me now? Please no asking if I'm sure the course is over. Please assume it is.
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I feel your pain and completely understand what you are saying about being in a class of nerds. But here is the thing. You are very close to the end. Is this your final year? A few more months of pain and hard work and it is all over. It doesn't matter if you don't get a first or a 2.1. At least you have finished something. There are loads of things in life we don't want to do (work mainly) but unfortunately, you just have to suck it up and get on with it no matter how hard it may be. Giving up often isn't an option.

If this is only your 3rd of a 4 year course, I strongly recommend you get yourself a gap year. I failed my second year at uni and scraped through the second time. It was only after a year in the world of work that everything came into focus and I picked myself up from nothing and achieved a 2.2 that I am very proud of.

Leaving now is an option, but unless you have a well defined plan with an end goal it really is pointless. Talk to your lecturers and tutors. Get help from the welfare team in your union. There are people who will help you, but you have to do the work.

The best of luck!

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