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Right, this is my view on gender equality and how I see it.
Bear in mind I tried to look at both sides and address both sides. Please do not respond to this without reading through the entire thing first and watching the videos.

The feminist movement has gone from being about equality to modern day superiority propaganda disguised as equality. Don't get me wrong, there are those in the feminist movement who want to be equal with the male gender but a lot want to be superior not equal. Here are just a few issues I have with the feminist movement:

Gender roles
Many females do not want to be put into their traditional gender role of the housewife who stays at home cooking, cleaning and raising the kids and rightly so. The female gender can do so much more than when feminism first became a thing. However, a lot of these same women want and expect the male gender to be in their traditional gender roles; working, earning the money and chivalry. You cannot want to be out of these roles but expect the males gender to be in it.

Body image
I hear far too much that the media, video games, fashion etc. show the female figure as thin, busty and perfect which is an unrealistic representation and goal for females. The same is applicable to the male figure; tall, muscular, handsome, strong etc. Again. double standards.

Many women complain that all a man wants is sex or a partner who looks like the previous section. They say that a man should love a woman for what she is regardless of weight and looks. They forget however that men also face this issue, where a woman wants a "hunk". One example I can think of is this photo

Once again, double standards and hypocrisy

The actual gap
The actual inequality gap that feminists preach is so large actually is not. Back when feminism first became a thing the gap was huge. It mad sense back then but now the gap is far far less. Feminists seem to forget the rights they have that men do not and the statistics that show men worse off in certain areas:
"Women have a lower retirement age,
Women get more parental leave time,
Women get higher medical and mental care spent on them,
Women get more domestic violence resources even though statistics show that domestic violence isn't a gendered issue,
Women go to jail 5% of the time that men do for the same crimes,
Women usually always get custody of children regardless of the circumstances,
Women can rape a man without the law recognising it,
Women can be on gender quotas but men can't be,
Women can legally force a man into child support payments regardless of a Withdrawal of consent but men can't towards women,
Women can beat a man up but a man can barely even get the allowance of Welf-defence against a woman,
Women (girls) have the right to full genital integrity but boys don't,
Men outnumber women regarding suicides by a substantial degree and men are injured/die on the job to the same or an even worse extent."

Many things in society are completely ignored and contradict what the feminists preach.
A woman can wear both female and male clothing yet it is not socially acceptable for a man to do the same.
Some women present themselves as strong and independent but resort to the weak delicate woman act when it benefits themselves.
I could go on but I have more stuff to cover.

This follows the gender roles.
Woman expect men to follow chivalry and to never strike a woman but have no problem striking a man, even getting cheered on by others. They still want to be equal? This video explains it well. Whoopie Goldberg is how real gender equality feminists should think of this.
"Chivalry is dead."

Gender reversal
Now, one thing I hear fairly frequently is this. If the genders were reversed would you not be a follower of the feminist ideologies? My answer is no.
I would not personally be following and agreeing with it because it is major flawed, hypocritical and plagued with double standards. It is merely a way for the extremists to oppress the "superior" gender and get away with it.

Physical aspects
A word seems to be erased from the feminist dictionary. Dimorphic.
The human race is a physically dimorphic race. Men have evolved to be the taller, stronger and more physically capable races due to them hunting etc. This is not to say that women are physically less capable than all men as many women are more capable than some men but science and history shows that generally men are the more physically capable.

Here is another couple videos that shows the things feminists seem to forget. Feel free to post any videos that support feminism or doesnt.

To finish this is my point of view on it.
There is a gap between the genders that has been made far less than in the history. The feminist movement serves to lessen this gap to the goal of gender equality. Many feminists do want equality but many do not. Many want to be superior and to oppress males and use double standards. If the gender roles were switched nothing would change. True gender equality is not possible as when one gender becomes superior to the other, the lesser gender will fight to be equal, then superior and it then becomes a vicious circle like conflict.
I have no problem with feminists who really do want equal, I think it's a great thing but as soon as they go from that to the type who want to be superior that's when I have a problem.

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